Jennifer Lawrence Accused Stalker Arrested

Man is accused of harassing the Hollywood actress and her family.
2:48 | 05/19/13

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Video Transcript
Transcript for Jennifer Lawrence Accused Stalker Arrested
Actress jennifer lawrence has an oscar a string of hit movies. She has become enormously popular. Now, she's dealing with the downside of fame. A alleged stalker is under arrest this morning accused of harassing both her and her family, going to extremes to try to pleat the star. We have this story from los angeles. Reporter: Good morning. According to court documents the alleged stalker found jennifer lawrence's brother's information on a website for the family summer camp for kids. After repeated calls, e-mails, text messages went unanswered that's when the fan allegedly became more aggressive trying to meet the family in person. In movies jennifer lawrence is used to fending off attacks in hunger games and occasionally getting shot down by bradley cooper in "silver linings playbook." Now she's facing a real-life foe that police say is much more dangerous. A sh these canadian citizen is behind bars on bail. According to his arrest warrant he attempted to contact blaine lawrence more than 200 times in april. Once in town, prosecutors said that dhao left lawrence threatening voice mails. When I'm upset wait and see what happens. In hollywood we take this extraordinarily serious. Reporter: Zhao was arrested when police when he asked police for help contacting lawrence's parents. He went back to the police with two letters to jennifer lawrence. Because jennifer lawrence is so sweet and accessible, people get this perception that she would like to hang with them. Falling on the stairs to accept her oscar win. Jack nicholson showing some love and how about photo bombing iing sarah jessica parker at the met gala. Our expert say typically stars have protection. This alleged stalker is due back in july. That's when the trial is expected to start. A frightening situation for this family who told the police they have no idea who this guy is. Not over with the trial coming. John, thank you.

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{"id":19211077,"title":"Jennifer Lawrence Accused Stalker Arrested","duration":"2:48","description":"Man is accused of harassing the Hollywood actress and her family.","url":"/GMA/video/jennifer-lawrence-accused-stalker-arrested-19211077","section":"GMA","mediaType":"default"}