Jillian Harris Shares New Year's Resolutions for Your Home

HGTV'S "Love It or List It, Too," star has easy ways to get organized and make your home safer in 2015.
4:55 | 01/01/15

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Video Transcript
Transcript for Jillian Harris Shares New Year's Resolutions for Your Home
Time for your new year's day improve this. And this morning we have great new year's resolutions for your home. We have done your health, now it's about the house. Jillian herself Harris is with us. Now on HGTV with love it or list it too. It is really addictive. We have a lot of fun. Part of the HGTV family. Yes. Wonderful to have you here. You're secretly a major clutter bug, organizer. You hate clutter. My boyfriend gets on my case, can we have other hobbies besi besides cleaning and organizing? It's a good resolution. You have made borings baskets fun. It's not the most glamorous way. On the show, you wouldn't need the renovations if you decluttered. Things that are not pretty, but ufl. Baskets, DVDs, put scarves in baskets, things that you're not using or haven't used. Get rid of it. Just do that. Feels good. Doesn't it? And it makes your home feel posh and updated. Agreed. That clutter makes it disorganized. Just glozy spray paint. No prepping, just the tape, and cute washers with ribbons. Label it, and label the baskets and add a fun twist to organizering. And painters tape and creating stripes. And these are stencils. I love that, it's got a may Moroccan vibe. So organize is one resolution. Also, safety. Make your home safer. That's another resolution. And easy ideas. Again, one of those things that's not the northeast glamorous. If you love your home and don't want it to burn down or get sick in the home, clean out your drier vents, get all of your detecters that you need. CO2. It is important. Sexy. Safety is sexy. What is this? And where can we get one? Get at the hardware stores to clean out your drier vent. I have never done it and I'm learning. This is where a lot of fires start in homes. Get the drier vents cleaned out. This is the right time to do it. Get the CO2 detecters -- Make sure the batteries are working. This is an important time of year to make sure your fire extinguishers wis are working. It's important. Do it today, and you'll remember to do it again next year. Exactly. And then another resolution, this is a fun one, become a better hostess. How can we do that? I love rearranging my furniture. And I'm always thinking -- do you too? In the middle of the night. It reinvents your room. Yes. Thinking about, instead of the furniture facing the TV, think about having new conversation this is year. Putting away your phone, shutting off the TV, engaging with your friends and family. Rearrange your furniture, put the Christmas decorations away, add a pop of color. Today's a good day to say good-bye to the Christmas decorations. Start fresh. By this time of year, things are feeling cluttered anyways. Get rid of it all and start from fresh P fresh. Yes. Live plants inject life in a space. Good for you, especially in winter, create oxygen and make you senil you smile. There are always succulents. I'm not the best at keeping plants alive. Fresh cut flowers. That's a simple thing you can do. Any other resolutions? I think the biggest thing is, again, I love to clean. It doesn't sound glamorous, but just getting rid of stuff is one of the biggest things. And the things memorable, that you love, are pretty, put them on display. It's about spending more times with friends and family, creating new relationships, new memories. And so think about your home as a canvas for creating those relationships and memories. And get rid of your junk, ladies and gentlemen. Yeah, donate it. That's great. Charity thrift had shops are thrilled to get your things. Thank you so much. The name of the show is love it or list it too on HGTV. We will have more on goodmorningamerica.com on Yahoo. And the show premiers tomorrow night. And yes, live tweeting. Live tweeting today, and the show airs tomorrow night I think at 9:00? And you're tweeting, everybody from HGTV, correct. All much my friends are getting together and live tweeting. Big Twitter party, everybody. Yes. And the party last night. Happy new year.

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{"duration":"4:55","description":"HGTV'S \"Love It or List It, Too,\" star has easy ways to get organized and make your home safer in 2015.","mediaType":"default","section":"ABCNews/GMA","id":"27947074","title":"Jillian Harris Shares New Year's Resolutions for Your Home ","url":"/GMA/video/jillian-harris-shares-years-resolutions-home-27947074"}