Jodi Arias Foreman Explains Jury's Indecision on Punishment

The man in charge of the jury describes the process as "gut-wrenching."
2:04 | 05/25/13

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Video Transcript
Transcript for Jodi Arias Foreman Explains Jury's Indecision on Punishment
We begin with the jodi arias trial and our exclusive interview with the jury foreman. This man spent nearly half a year on the case and this morning he explains why jurors could not decide whether to impose the death penalty. Abc's ryan owens has been following this trial from the jump and he scored this gatt exclusive. Bill is doing his best to get back to normal this holiday weekend. For five months he held the fate of jodi arias in his hands. Do you kill her? Or do you let her live the rest of her life in jail? Reporter: The arizona retiree spoke exclusively to "gma" about his experience as foreman of the jury that ultimately could not decide if the convicted killer should live or die. Reportedly eight wanted death, four, life. Life and death is about as polarizing as things can get. I think we were all the disappointed. We all felt like we failed. In what we were charged to do. We find the defend and the after count one first degree murder, guilty. Reporter: The same jury convicted the 2 23-year-old of the brutal shooting and repeated stabbinging of her ex-boyfriend, they agreed on that but killing her, that was different. It's pretty easy to think, looking at charles manson and going, yeah, put him way. You look eight 32-year-old woman and it's hard. Reporter: He called arias a terrible witness during her 18 days on the stand. He says the jury did not buy her story of self-defense. But -- I believe she was mentally and verbally abused. She's entitled to a fair trial. Reporter: A new panel of 12 will decide if she lives or dies, retrial is set this summer of the penalty phase. He isn't so sure the result will be any different. When you're in a room with 12 people, it's pretty hard to get a consensus on what kind of pizza toorder. Reporter: Still the prosecutor announced he's not giving up sending her to death row but if a second jury also can't decide on punishment, she will be sentenced to life in prison. For "good morning america," ryan owens, abc news, phoenix.

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{"id":19255771,"title":"Jodi Arias Foreman Explains Jury's Indecision on Punishment","duration":"2:04","description":"The man in charge of the jury describes the process as \"gut-wrenching.\"","url":"/GMA/video/jodi-arias-foreman-explains-jurys-indecision-punishment-19255771","section":"GMA","mediaType":"default"}