Joe Zee Talks Style and Fashion in New Memoir

"The FABLife" co-host dishes on "That's What Fashion Is" and gives his tips for enhancing your personal style.
4:06 | 10/16/15

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Video Transcript
Transcript for Joe Zee Talks Style and Fashion in New Memoir
I'm here with our dear friend Joe zee, celebrity stylist, Yahoo! Style editor in chief and one of the co-hosts of fab F "The fablife." Also author of "That's what fashion is: Lessons and stories from my non-stop, mostly glamorous life in style." Joe, keeping it real, as always. Key word, mostly. It's a lovely story you tell and goes back to you being very young. Yes. You were doling out advice to your friend. Really my brother and sister and dragging my desk out and parking it in the living room and saying I'll charge you 10 cents for style advice. I'm seeing Lucy from Charlie brown. I think I was wearing a Charlie brown sweater, I'm not kidding. I'm sure you looked fabulous in it. You said one of the things -- and I really enjoyed Reading your book. You put us at ease because many of us are nervous about fashion. It should be fun. You said pick an icon, a stylist guru, if you will, for you it's Jessica biel. Unexpected for a lot of people but I love Jessica. Such an effortless style about her. I love when women own themselves. You don't have to chase a trend but be you. She's so comfortable in what she's feeling and there's a wholesomeness about it but so approachable and it just glows. I can see whatever she's wearing and I love that look she's wearing there but feels so easy, fashionista easy. Not like she's trying too hard. Beautiful models. First of all with Jessica biel, this is an example of what it is that you like so much about her. This is sort of our everyday version of this, you know, I love the Jessica biel one. A little bit more sheer and revealing and so if you do want to do that sort of culotte and lace top, I love it when it's lined and a little peplum but blue and black combination. It looks so easy. It makes it super simple. All right, thank you. Thank you very much. You said we should also have a staple that go-to item. For you it's high tops. Personally for me it's high tops. I am a sneaker head. I know you can't tell. But I really am. I love a good pair of high tops. Like four principles we should have in our wardrobe. You'll show us here. We are. Well, I love the idea of the motor jack. A striped t-shirt skinny jeans or great pair of jeans and ankle boots but put them all together. You can use them to enhance your style. This is $70. You can find personal style without spending a lot of money. Kind of anchor your wardrobe like certain pieces you can go to. I see you. She's like working it. She feels good in it. I love it. You wake up every day, that's the one thing I want to wear today and rotate everything around it. That's the key. You got to feel good in whatever you're wearing. Thank you very much. She does. How about the guys here, Joe? The rolling the sleeves. There is an art to sleeve rolling. Can you believe it, so we did it here but I'll show you quickly on him. So you want to be able to, like, number one pull it up here about M midforearm so we see a little bit of the cuff then we sort of do one more roll where we can take it up. His muscles are really thick so it's really hard to do. Stop flecking. I know, quit flexing and have fun. Sort of the messy nonmessy push and stays up. Ratio, is what -- Push, fold then -- Look at our handsome men. Have they done it correctly? I would say, yes. Look at these guys. They've all done the -- you've all done the fold roll and push up really well. You guys know you have to give the shirts back, right? You got to give them back. Hey, Joe, thank you very much. Thank you. Always looking stylish. The men of "Gma." "Gma." That's what fashion is is in stores now and be sure to watch our good friend Joe zee on "The fablife" weekdays, check your local listings as they say.

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{"duration":"4:06","description":"\"The FABLife\" co-host dishes on \"That's What Fashion Is\" and gives his tips for enhancing your personal style.","mediaType":"us only 08","section":"ABCNews/GMA","id":"34517798","title":"Joe Zee Talks Style and Fashion in New Memoir","url":"/GMA/video/joe-zee-talks-style-fashion-memoir-34517798"}