Joel Olsteen on the True Meaning Of Christmas

Olsteen says the holiday is more about family and moments than presents.
3:00 | 12/25/13

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Transcript for Joel Olsteen on the True Meaning Of Christmas
Christmas is a wonderful day. It's a wonderful day to sit around and have your family and friends and loved ones around you. And you can give gifts, that's all the better. We all know, much, much, much more to christmas. I sad down with that man right there, joel osteen, pastor of the lakewood church in houston, texas. The biggest church in the country. And spoke to joel about faith and what christmas means to him. What is your fondest christmas memory? My fondest memory, robin, is just growing up sleeping in the den the night before christmas. And getting up early the next morning and opening gifts with my family. Having fun together. Yeah. It is about family at a time like this. I know it becomes a little commercial. And people are so worried, did they get the right gift. And people are opening -- my mother said something to us. Momma, what do you want? She says, make me a memory. You want to be making memories. That's what we're doing today. That's so important. We do get caught up, did I get the perfect gifts? I think most of us, when we look back, we don't necessarily remember the gifts. We remember that time that we laughed together and played with our cousins. We let our guard down a little bit. Talk about the role of faith today. We talk about family. We talk about memories. But the importance of this day. You know, I think, obviously, as believers, as christians, the birth of christ, celebrating what jesus did, coming to earth, giving us salvation and redemption, that's the ultimate gift. I think also, it teaches us to let today be a new beginning. Also a day like today, not a happy day for a lot of people. They've lost loved ones. The second one without my mother. The first one that I can really -- last year I wasn't doing so well. And how do you talk to people? And what do you say to those who are struggling? They see the happiness and you want to be happy for other people. But it is a time of reflection for many. It really is. It's a difficult time. We realize people have lost loved ones. And some people don't have family around. So, it's important to got to remember, number one, your loved ones are with the lord. And as you draw closer to god and have faith, you can draw closer to your loved one. The other thing, too, is don't sit around all day and feel sorry for yourself. Go out and do something good for somebody else. Do you have a neighbor that you can go cheer up? I find when you give, it brings healing and wholeness to yourself. I know that you have a special message for billy graham, who is having some health issues. Dr. Graham has always been a hero of mine. Growing up as a preacher's kid, we always watched him. So admired and respected him. I got a chance to visit with him some. Just as his health declined, your heart goes out for him. As we look ahead, what is your message of peace for the new year, joel? My message of peace is, again, to let go of the old. Find something to be grateful for each day. See it as a gift, each day that's god's given us. And really believe for bigger things for your life. How do we keep this going? After christmas and after the new year, how do we keep the spirit of christmas alive all year round? That's so important. It should be an everyday thing. And one thing I try to learn and teach others is, get up every day and not necessarily thinking about how I can get blessed. But how can I be a blessing to somebody else? Can you give encouragement? Can you give a smile? Can you let somebody in in traffic? Those little things I think keep the spirit going. It's a blessing. Best to you, victoria, the children. Onward and upward. Thank you, robin. We're so glad you're doing great. And merry christmas to you and all of the viewers. Joel's best-seller "break out"in stores right now. Good to have joel and the

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{"id":21333147,"title":"Joel Olsteen on the True Meaning Of Christmas","duration":"3:00","description":"Olsteen says the holiday is more about family and moments than presents.","url":"/GMA/video/joel-olsteen-true-meaning-christmas-21333147","section":"GMA","mediaType":"default"}