John McAfee Starts Blog While Still in Hiding

John Muller discusses latest information involving tech titan with murder case.
3:00 | 11/18/12

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Video Transcript
Transcript for John McAfee Starts Blog While Still in Hiding
Now a new twist in the bizarre crime story involving TECH TIGHTEN john McCaffey, the man who made a fortune by creating anti-virus software a lot of us use to protect our computers. He is now on the run in belize wanted in connection with a murder. Abc's john muller is here with the latest on this strange saga. It gets stranger by the day. He certainly knows a thing or two about the internet. Now the eccentric man of mystery appears to be reaching out from hiding by blog, a blog that says police in belize have been harassing him long before he became a person of interest in his neighbor's murder. Tech titan paranoid man on the run and now perhaps mysterious BLOGGER, THE john McAfee saga getting stranger by the day with a new blog claiming to be his own work. The pioneer is still in hiding. Wanted to for questioning in belize in connection with the shooting death of his neighbor gregory one week ago. Foul lived 300 yards from him. They had an ongoing and bitter FEUD about McAfee's dog. His mood is generally fairly calm for a man in his situation. Reporter: Chad essely had the pictures on his blog and says it's authentic. CLAIMING TO BE john McAfee confirms the words are his. An entry posted saturday titled harass lament details bizarre claims of legal harassment by POLICE IN BELIZE and McAfee told cell phone calls he fears the belize government is corrupt and if he submits to questioning in the death of his neighbor, the police will murder him. That's certainly innocent of the charges that are leveled against me in the press. He's got a lot of time to think and write and certainly using it to update the blog with some of the concerns about the beli belizean n government. Reporter: They hurj him to COME FORWARD saying McAfee is more thanparanoid. What strikes me is he is extremely paranoid. Reporter: Mcafee's whereabouts still unknown. Abc news not getting any answer at the door of his belize home, but the eccentric millionaire could still be hiding inside that home possibly blogging about his predicament. McAFEE HAS STATED THE PRIME Minister of belize doesn't like him. He says it may sound paranoid but he's being framed for his neighbor's murder. The prime minister says he's NEVER EVEN met McAfee and says the media attention offers him the best possible safeguard if he cooperates with police.

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{"id":17752410,"title":"John McAfee Starts Blog While Still in Hiding","duration":"3:00","description":"John Muller discusses latest information involving tech titan with murder case.","url":"/GMA/video/john-mcafee-starts-blog-hiding-17752410","section":"GMA","mediaType":"default"}