Juggling Phenom Holds 3 World Records

Big Apple Circus performer shows "GMA Live" anchors how to juggle.
3:00 | 01/02/14

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Transcript for Juggling Phenom Holds 3 World Records
Legendary Big Apple segues into a new -- -- The world record -- where he's coming up Keitel Joseph but first the talent all about the show is bringing them things done Kennedy needed. -- But really -- my message but I have never anything. So I don't know about the Sheldon nothing. -- -- not to be it is all about and we haven't heard enough about Times Square right ahead New Year's -- but that's what we do we celebrate. That's Big Apple circus new York city of this year were celebrating in Times Square and all the characters she's she's in Times Square. In -- our jugular he plays the hot dog -- in the show. Put him is hot dog -- -- always juggling crops for the begat. OK let's get taken this intense where I've traveling around everyone if you've ever walked -- it it can be. What -- yes you read and that's to realize -- and they have human Eminem's -- around him. Mom to go patrol officers are delusional about and we have a pick pocketed -- show. Rats and -- show her love and he smiled. Yeah. What we're also have dogs horses owns all kinds of fun but yeah. If you're gonna bring in one of the main -- that. This is an unbelievable that commercial -- he's only fifteen year old school out. That's please welcome tied total -- look at. -- Cotto has been struggling since -- was refusal. He holds two Guinness book world record. He's juggling five breakdown for two reasons really don't -- -- struggling behind his back. The pullback crosses and that where he doesn't even see the ball when -- behind his back look at this -- might. Still right there isn't -- that life. Yeah he's got nothing to look forward yeah. What you call -- would call concentration. What he -- why because seven and is currently working on nine -- it got all hot and. And full of fun that's. -- what can you imagine when he's going to be like when he gets older yeah. I don't work in town it's our final weeks over at Lincoln sent her home. And we're there till January 12 -- still have -- code red days to get over to Big Apple circus there we go on tour we don't -- Atlanta. We go down to New Jersey would go to Boston. -- -- Yeah. Griping about the circus is that it's not only did his -- -- -- -- -- -- left. You know it really is a family. Government had a Big Apple words just one ring and -- sold in two -- And we don't have vendors in the -- you really have to watch the show when -- I acted and of -- on -- -- and does clearly. -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- I don't think -- -- yeah. Yeah I did nothing for all -- and act and I definitely think he and let's face it won't let me honest and good. -- -- -- barely resemble. Yeah. On Monday met me -- my back of the plane and I told yeah. Drew a lot of other. Yeah by naming them correctly without doing here -- I was -- one month. Right in the factory and -- The one hand to the other I would charge three -- -- Yeah. -- There is an idiot yeah. -- And we'll and that. The let's play event enlightened country I laid -- out there you know yeah yeah everybody is yeah Kennedy let me thank you for being that I'm an as is and that's Monday at last some -- do it. Yeah -- conflict will -- all over the nation -- -- tickets and other you can head to the Big Apple's at his bachelor.

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{"duration":"3:00","description":"Big Apple Circus performer shows \"GMA Live\" anchors how to juggle.","mediaType":"default","section":"ABCNews/GMA","id":"21398650","title":"Juggling Phenom Holds 3 World Records ","url":"/GMA/video/juggling-phenom-holds-world-records-21398650"}