Julie Andrews says she's 'unbelievably lucky'

Andrews appears on "Popcorn With Peter Travers" to talk about her new Netflix series "Julie's Greenroom."
24:02 | 03/24/17

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Transcript for Julie Andrews says she's 'unbelievably lucky'
Detroit go out on stage you know that we cold. This room that mean. You kind. Allies is yes but that that are always green the green is where we need each week heat we breast. We then on 9000. Talk about how to make our show the best and possibly be and there's one in every theater minimum turned down there the dressing room however. Our costumes and makeup now part of me everybody Clinton is staying yeah. Us share hang. Thanks. All the time yet I was born this way he's DeWitt annual budget cool stuff check this out. Hello everybody I'm Peter Travers and welcome to popcorn we we tell you what is pop in the culture popping I'll Mary Poppins and anyway. We are thrilled here to have Julianne says yes and she has being the super cool person she is. A theories on Netflix. And won't yes you are mean to law school Julie's green room I'm not gonna say anymore except. Forgive me if I fan boy crush all over our eyes do I live it and he's now how sweet it you but tell us about. That's bound securities mean I think that Judith green room is something that I've long want to do and that is it's a show. About the it's four children. But. From his new young as you like and I hope that parents and grandparents and everybody else will watch also because there is something for everybody. But mostly it's about conveying and teaching the joy. Of the opts to children. And it's a little serious I played do you really miss Judy who runs a small theater. And is green room in the theater of course and the theaters. And and my. Pupils my students. On the puppets. And they the wonderful. Henson puppets made by the Henson Steve and have an assistant. Human assistant called us we had to have a name and age is owing to fact that he's paid one industry talented young man called. Jude in Julie and Lou. And then I also have a little puppy that is at a puppet but it it's mine if of them and Leos have. Bewildering Lee but amazingly we have a duck. And every theater should have an Islamic instead he he anyway we have additional guest. Every episode who will T two months to class on what have popped. It is we have chosen that it says whom some of these all week and then we'll win we have unum and snow. Josh Rubin Joshua snow. Andy Kemp. Titus his Carol Burnett my great friend Al she was willing to come on. Oh good she warned me when she was here she said you know Julie Andrews is gonna pretend that yes this sunny disposition. You think you wanna know our soul he well there there really an yes I'm relieved that he's got sick. He calls they got it right back any of that whiskers on kittens. From our. He's too much less humidity is really great French weasels so. My endless go. You probably didn't know that didn't anyway. And see who left gotten a bill oh win. And the EU. Stole the rate to. Dramas and drummers yet you symbols and everything but what I've been out there you're there. Your August night roundly if you yes Matt I eight teach the odds to my children. But as I said he chips and I have a different guest who comes to give. The equivalent of a month to class about. That name or music or writing or it. Well whenever we're focusing and to you give one yourself at what I do a lot of the warm ups a night join in sometimes. In other ways. I better but sometimes think. Guest artist takes it on their own and sometimes in the world and do the kids when they meet you. What are you always Mary Poppins the Leno and Maria irony these days sometimes it's it's as though not is no lack. Yeah super eight what that's what they're locked up there watching probably insist I'm just yet. These days. But everything is kind of come around we know that Mary Poppins is being not so much remains as sql. Well it is being remade and out you lie at feet. I'm happy to talk about that you. Disney had so many of the Mary Poppins books. In dead stockpiled in the basement and the votes and so they full well what he also do. A second musical using all of that material so it's not a re creation of the original film it's a brand new filmed. And a different era and time that the use and I'm I hear it's want to flatten out. Seen it yet I think they're still making it well in the let me they must have a part for you when. I think you should show I think that Emily Blunt he's going to be married is going to lead us through fifty. I think she went back to keep. The sound of music is on any time there's a holiday and I say it's there and then you again. And this nobody in the world that doesn't D'auria. So I don't want to know is sacred of that well the secret is that I. Unbelievably lucky human being well that's that as I was lucky kill that was to be in this one week. Yeah iconic legal costs on me Oscar. It was a whole wailed at you she agent talent that we don't want but she is I told I'd rate you must. I didn't meet him I would say yeah but I children. A ridiculous USC I nice little opt it was on the corner immediately and we spoke for about our. Great yeah I think so everything comes around but they can ever remake them to music. They did it TV version yes it what you know what. Think about it Pete it. It's not so bad it's they do. Certain music was its iconic and I'm riddled. And it stood up to the test of time but boss something like fifty years ago so I think it's about time somebody at a crack at it again. Well I'd and I'm I'm going to sixty. I'm calling to the ramparts I don't it got me really well there's nothing wrong me one of those things that just works. And there's a moment in the sound of music that I really love where you choose you in the children are hiding from the Nazis. And one of the children says. Is this a good time to sing about are favorite thing and I you have. Oh it was expression that way deeper than that wasn't really the time to do you know I mean we are trying to hide and not be seen on but we. People look at you and they remember those two movies me a movie critic sees that the same year you made Mary pop and she made one of my favorite movies of all time the americanization. And one of my favorite. It doesn't making films on making it and in patty can I ask you wrote this. We're night and no and I know it beautifully it is topical now eighties is topical non profit me me me. Even most well know that we did have the Vietnamese war. Around that time but honestly it's about the futility of war and how we sent a rate. Generals and may give. Erect statues to them and glorify it bothered isn't saying. It's a terrible thing. Well I think people should see it I usually ask people who are on to there's always two or three movies in somebody's career. That never found the audience that you wanted that what it also vowed to get out a cult audiences and that it did the americanization of and they. Yes do you have any of those other ones other than the ones do ahead of it. No ones that didn't find the audience that should happen that people should take a look at him proud. I guess so yeah we we all unit sent out to make a flaw. The article you know why would you spend all 71 doesn't who is when does count these everybody there are a couple of movies that I think at. Brake system that are really was scene one is quote a little movie called that's life. Which I was in with Jack Lemmon. And it's in her late husband's. I mean it was hits. Yes. I met Blake a couple of times and always completely loved the conversations though I'm so we would have about movies and doing that. Well yeah us. He didn't want to put I mean he. Victim Victoria. What this means your part. Both of your career yes it was a lot of little things like breakfast at Tiffany gets suspended but Lionel wrote it all again an environment. Yes that'll at the movies which we speak panther in house do you know I this is what will let's say I'm going to the M. Shops to buy a sweat or something or something. I hope that they would I cannot say look it's lovely but I'll have to have speaks with my husband about that before it. For advice or. Unify odds few. What what kind is he taking the time right now. What do you have a what I do have more countries and I will states Florida I'm near that yet they happen. And there isn't that kind of thing that that and that's which you drove each other crazy no no no no they're at it but we enough to rate deal he made me not have to be too have been married for forty years in quality is accused me. Long and winding we knew each other for about 44 point. Before he was he he told the story once about the two meeting Monday cars passing in the industry ships in the night since the bullet coming from and in the daytime yes yes yes it's. Kind of technical Blake Edwards and Tanzania I think yes it's a perfect they did see that there is going long way I was going the other leak each of and funding he stopped tool. Well when you look back at the career that you had and you look at does that mean there's so many sections it. You talked about the princess diaries things that happen but you narrow enough for him this Julie's green room and the books that. That you've written a lot with your dog yes. Need that transition why did you say to yourself. I'm gonna move from doing it that SOB. He would do you topless and where I was but. If they'll stop listening to Julie degree and I'm guessing I let it's not exactly the right Anna Ortiz but I don't know. And they'll get to that age and may be vote this this is a sweet series at this. I'm really funded I'm very proud of it. Do you on this year used deal with the songs you've made famous known tool I'm not. Julie Andrews I'm your miss Julie who happens to own and run. A little theater for the some effect only thing that lyrics of songs are stories oh. Excuse me they are and I'm passionate about that I cannot. In my own life I can't sing a song if it doesn't have great you know and that's. I choose my songs and lyrics Frist and then if it comes with an extraordinary amenity I'm hung from. We you've worked with these genius compose. You know Roger and yet again Kelly left alert. That there then. They are looking to but I remember seeing you on Broadway and putting it together so that human stevens' son Aaron also a story teller. Yet as the song you I tell you you can nip that ev. Get them remotely title bored doing sometimes. Because you are so let it. With those moderates do these songs live in your life. As you live the life of you know in ways it means that you do you start singing the sound of music. You'd call. Well. There wasn't time when it was getting ready to do with. Cabaret act and I've been stopped at the London palladium. And they can I haven't. For forty something he has had a home in Europe in the in the mountains. And there was a day when I realized that I bid to get in shape for this cabaret act and I was beginning to get ready for. And so I started walking you know him around and down and up the healing round and down quite steep climb. And it was not so inside F but when vocalize as well and I misspoke realizing and finally one day. I. And over the crest that they Gil came a whole bunch of Japanese tourists with cameras surrounding. This is a true story. And that that he says if I did that sort of thing every day in my life. Believe me I shut up. Could fix it. I think we've all heard I don't know his the first time that we've met. That you had that operation on your throat your voice changed in some way it did well I don't have that voice lasts. Any mall but it is that we much deeper you could well thank you so much go even deep but now that really yes I think you could wrap. Great idea into the as a Jew I was thinking of of them certain cabaret and whose songs but it to him. Actually wraps on an ice the you do Jay-Z and live Kanye West and yes you know that's just in mind. And in men well and you all in all of those people you Hamilton and oh yes these are you happy that musical like on the land has really taken hold yet and at this it's an umpires. In a way to lure companies to kind of and every musical. Be. I didn't care with the rates in Japan arrows on the musical. And Hamilton. What. They're all have that and live on lands in the original. You don't get those very often totally yeah well I want to bring your daughter out here in a few minutes but we always in this part of the show with the little bit of so. I weeks of she thought ought to distinguish our but I want something from me I want one of just a little something even if you eat it. I can't tell you what it would be well I tell you what we've left talking about some time to this day. IV AD being carried men the the I was seeing you could navigate book and lyrics I never thought I'd the lyrics to be getting married. And that is something iPod music when it because of what he's been I want to thank you wolf come into the wedding. I'd appreciate you're leaving you more I mean you must have lots of lots of other things to do. I meant but. I can't remember Jewell lived yes and a half in love you lie it's impossible to keep meddling in it. Appreciate you being mean most of ultimate things to do. And it ain't it goes on on. Holden and bully not a man I'm not been amended and that it did to do to love the ones with the names it's like like it was when asked yet you throw an element of this Charlie even going back to the American Embassy. Anyway it was here up with you. You have to stop me it's I think she asked why he. He is well all in of the very long but we can't sit life so. There's an awful lot to open up there at me and without a can't let do our idea OK thank you. And now a special guest and the Walton Hamilton is here. Who happens. To be the daughter of Julian trees here wonder am I lucky ala I think the I. And and I'm guessing that you're the power behind the throne this. I would not say that I would its outcome. We are we act true collaborators thing. Where we do relieving an aberration thank heavens that we've been writing together four hour. Almost twenty years it is an attempt that yeah I was you know we've done how many. 3030 children's books together and so was the impetus for this you know by the U you began your career sitting on his cuts them. Captain Brenda actually our eyes if you need in the community by hand and when Kurt. Pretty cool. This to be knife I wish I could remember it Eileen I thought and why it's he's in this one there anyway. Anyway what. Makes you wanna do we know all love and entertaining show Julie talked a little bit about the puppets that you working with but. Why is the impetus about do we why are you trying to communicate. Children. So so I think I can speak for both of us and say yes. Both mom and I are long time arts passionate art Chapman. And my background is I actually. Co founded and ran. A small professional theater in eastern Long Island for seventeen years while I was there I was running the education programs in creating media audience programs and teaching arts to cadences and basically. Being that character that she plays on this show essentially. You're urged to this I missed you I'm really proud mom is just what effect goes just rounded. But you know when you when you do that on a daily basis you see the firsthand the impact. That the arts can he can young people's lives and you conceive how. How it crosses boundaries cultures and how it brings kids together in a collaborative environment where. Perhaps they might only otherwise be competitive in sports or things like that and you. You can see the way as you track them as we did with our relationships with the schools in the district and in the years. The way there exposures the arts and experiences with the arts improve their academic lives and improved there their social lives and improved there. Empathy in their tolerance of all these extraordinary things that really I think. Our best brought about by by exposure to then participation. Absent how many but to direct the get a 25 very. Marine we just finished thirtieth. When you're living your life when he finished that yet. The and we have such good time we finish each other's sentences and I don't know how we do it because we do have. Real lives as well and I traveler Lawton you've got a huge family to raisin. Huge I'm not a huge fan nor the huge eyes huge found mine is how many grandkids now I have. Ten grandkids and we re going to I think as of my announced reckoning yes your room rival the Von Trapp. I don't I don't know the so long and and she's a hands on mom is ease and a husband and but UCs to say if you want something done. Give it to a busy her unit of the Austin. I think that's she's I used to think I was the busiest that some young on the business of us in. She's she teaches you know what also it is is that we have a kind of shorthand I think beak and I think we do are hitting it again and leave him. Usually are it is you know we have different strengths where both by theory both small both Bobby yeah well I can tell when you came and said. Where you where you got guys that that was it aside. We don't work here good car. If we don't fight. Now which is remarkable we didn't know that would be the case started that he has no idea we would going to be compatible. And then suddenly this wonderful thing happens it because we have different strengths yeah in his weekly complementary strengthened. So we can filling gaps for each other hill fighting it. The company really I'm. Excited that agreeing that yes but it. The great thing is we sort of realized when we come to this tacit agreement. That the best idea wins. And so it's just one somehow passionate or the one that. Lands such logic that you get that hominem and then we both know instantly we let it by other. And I think you and you're a much better writer and I am but but your old structure different kind anything. And I do the flights and CN left sentence will be and the passion and inspiration. At it and say that I would love. They're. Nice to meet together and happening and it's for a really good thing so what do you want in the end win. Children and their parents I'm hoping as well I watched image green room I wouldn't want them completely. That the arts for every that the arts are a place where they can. See themselves see the world. Be at home be well kudos to you they raise happening in. That they're gonna look at this in it's not that it's not something that is only four earned. Elite. You know. People with a certain. Give it to her when it may be but there they are for everyone and everyone can find themselves somewhere in the arts and. Be informed and inspired well I think it's the most important thing but it can be do right now so. Thanks to both of you are doing right now as you and the news talk about it I. Trying to persuade him to give us the little song but she wanted to wait for you she gave me a little bit of a little bit of threats I couldn't but I mean here you grew up with Mary Poppins as your mother. I don't know when he knowing that they are on order I didn't understand why you couldn't just snap your fingers my room clean out the past. She just wouldn't do him at. Yeah yeah. To me it would sound like years of an eye but let us now eight months ago. Coming up sweet and Australia. And trying to claim Allen. Like AT and and he winked hate us now with to act. Unity. Since the used to sing together for funds for flying ones as things on his scrutinize these injuries well. I'm okay. All right the US stock. I'll take the how many if I can move it is similar to going to senior Abbas because I don't have much. I think. And. Don it's me. Send an amendment and see. Learn incidents. Aggies. Gone. Yeah as they did and didn't see too many Indians old man movies. Matt. And got the Amazon nation. And full. I'm it's. In wild anticipation. Long to hear that. Yeah. Both though. Thank you do you mean. You think you can't the here. Here. We've got to do it if we can that he and reduces us on. I. To thank you thank you think he would yet it's very ask us.

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