Kate Middleton Plays Volleyball

The Duchess of Cambridge returns to the spotlight a few months after giving birth.
3:03 | 10/19/13

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Transcript for Kate Middleton Plays Volleyball
Thank you, amber. As if we needed another reason to be impressed by kate middleton, this morning, she is making us ooh and ah. The duchess of cambridge is back in skinny jeans less than three months after the birth of prince george. And topping it off, playing volleyball in high-wedge shoes. Are these feats attainable for the ordinary woman? Sara haines is ordinary. She married a prince. She sports a royal title. And she makes getting back to a pre-baby bod easy. Volleyball, too? Come on, kate. She's back. And never looked better. Fulfilling her royal duties, kate middleton attended a sports aid athlete workshop. It's the first time that kate has done solo since getting birth to prince george. And also, the first time that a member of the royal family has been to the olympic park since the olympics last summer. Reporter: No husband. No baby. But most noticeably, no baby weight. Wearing flat abs and skinny jeans, kate did casual chic as only she can. It's hard to believe that only three months ago, she stepped out proudly flaunting a healthy post-baby bump. It was wonderful to see. That's what moms look like after they've given birth. Reporter: But look at her now. And she even held her own. Getting extra inches on the court is always a good thing. But not usually in the form of a wedge heel. And it didn't the first time kate had sported less than ideal footwear when getting in the game. And yet, somehow she pulled it off with royal grace. So, we decided to take the court in wedges and see how we fared. Am I attempting coverage in these shoes? It's harder than it looks. Take it easy. Woo. After a few dives, blocks and assists, we finally started getting in the volley of things. But in the queen's court, we're no princesses. It's no surprise that kate makes fashion, a fit body and the wedge heels look so easy. I took this task very seriously because I do play volleyball. Those were some of my brave girlfriends that came out. They also play. That was not easy. I'm impressed. You got some game. I can't believe you can tell in those wedges. You fall down? It's harder than the pants, honestly. They say kate struggled with the same thing. She kept tugging her pants up. So much to hide when she's tugging those pants up. That stomach is incredible. Those are good jeans, though. There's no way -- you mean, genetics. G-e-n-e. Good genes. Transitioning. Well done out on the court. Thank you for braving that for us.

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{"id":20621293,"title":"Kate Middleton Plays Volleyball","duration":"3:03","description":"The Duchess of Cambridge returns to the spotlight a few months after giving birth.","url":"/GMA/video/kate-middleton-plays-volleyball-20621293","section":"GMA","mediaType":"default"}