Kellyanne Conway reacts to Michael Flynn's resignation

Trump's senior advisor says Vice President Pence was "misled by Flynn," who "could not completely recall" his conversations with the Russian ambassador.
5:55 | 02/14/17

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Transcript for Kellyanne Conway reacts to Michael Flynn's resignation
Just moments ago I spoke to the president senior counselor Kellyanne Conway a todays big story general Michael Flynn. And we are back with Kellyanne Conway the president's counselor Kelly and thank you for joining us this morning of course the big story today general Michael Flynn. So the White House was told by the Justice Department last month. That Flynn is Ballmer was vulnerable to Russian blackmail he stayed in the job for what seventeen days. After the warning from the just department why. George is the general plane continued. On the national security teen and kept doing the presidential briefings being on the leader calls. We are aware of the Justice Department. Opinion but the fact is that not until yesterday general flame con continued in his job maybe he increase what I. And offer him I understand that but that's my question the question is why the white house council was told. By Sally Yates is the Justice Department that the general Flynn was vulnerable to Russian black male did did White House counsel tell president trump that. I don't know the answer to that and president trump has asked me to doing today to say that he accepted the resignation of general flame. And really be key here in that resignation is very simple. It's that that vice president Mike Pence was misled. By generous winner general thing could not completely recall what his conversations. Had been. The union address the killing and you use the White House knew that almost three weeks ago. They knew that after the Justice Department told the White House counsel Don the gone almost three weeks ago. They general Flynn had not told the truth about those phone calls and was vulnerable to Russian blackmail. But these are these are what they're being printed reports but the fact is that I can't reveal with the White House knew where did knowing who in the White House nearly didn't know. All I can tell you is that general plan as a national security advisor to the president I continued in that role. And I the president also. Is once need to refer to going to it is comments of Charles Krauthammer last night on a different network. Wherein he makes the point that it's not in this contacted this incident necessarily it's been misleading of the vice president over the incomplete information it's either. It's it's. Being dishonest or forget well LA and I hate to say that general general plan had a thirty plus here honorable career in the military he's one of the intent. She's intelligence officers key intelligence officers of a generation. And I we're sorry for this situation but the present except his resignation he's moving on. But I had I had I understand what you're saying that Kelly and that this is this is exactly the point. Three weeks ago the just Drummond told the White House the general Flynn was misleading. The vice president was misleading the public. About his contacts with the Russians you have that information. The White House had that information chose to keep general Flynn in his job chose not to correct the record chose not to tell the public. What they knew about general friend's phone calls. How could that be. But George again. I'm I hear you say who knew what when and because efforts of all that would be divulging information that is highly sensitive and secondly. I don't know all the details. I haven't spoken to every one that you're talking about in that instance is a very fluid situation I was obviously very fluid into the night they hear very late last night. The not the upshot of it is is that general fleeing did have a conversation with vice president parents. Apart from what you're saying infringing ports and general Flynn a short vice president patents. And it's something that turned out not to be true and that's really the key here I think that general flaming me and I decided he was a lightning rod he did not want to be a distraction. And he had in his resignation last night because. Because what he had provided the vice president either was or product. I'm misleading information or forgetfulness and neither one with sixteen in the long term. Kelly Kelly and we leg I gotta gotta get to the bottom of this here you asked to come on this winds of at the president's request the president wants you to come out and speak for the White House this morning. Do you know if the president was told three weeks ago when Sally Yates told the White House counsel that general Flynn of the compromise do you know the president was told that. I do not and that George dean of the vice president was told that. I do not at that. Do you know why the White House chose not to correct the record for those three weeks. We'll get your presuming that all the information you have there is completely factual and who knew a lot when. And this this this is very floating in the sea bottom line is. That as time wore on. As everybody continued in their roles it became increasingly at parent. Particularly over the weekend when general Flinn clarified his own earlier statement George statement that he had. Provided to the vice president and that other members of the administration frankly when out on publicly repeated. Which is that he had not discussed a certain topic. In his conversations. With the Russian ambassador and so when general Flinn clarified his comments that it's possible and he could not recall. That accelerated matters in a way that was different it is gained and that's where that is where we are today. It is it is a fact that the just from a did you tell the White House counsel Don gotten information almost three weeks ago final question you said. Late yesterday afternoon the president and that the president had full confidence in general Flynn. How could that be true. The the president is very loyal it just became unsustainable and the president late last night accepted the resignation of general for an today he's moving on he. He it just became clear that the will need to I had acting jet acting national security advisor general Keith Kellogg in the role. He's I've been working very closely with the president for a number of months and then I'm then of course we've been talking about. A former navy seal and vice admiral Hart ward and David Petraeus as well General Petraeus as an honorable permit every. They said Kevin Connolly thanks very much thanks George and it's pretty clear from that these questions to let us just beginning. Why can't these questions be answered thanks for that he's one of the biggest questions right there why does the president have Kellyanne Conway asked. Get Kellyanne Conway come on our program today if she can answer was simple yes or no questions about what happened generously.

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{"duration":"5:55","description":"Trump's senior advisor says Vice President Pence was \"misled by Flynn,\" who \"could not completely recall\" his conversations with the Russian ambassador.","mediaType":"default","section":"ABCNews/GMA","id":"45479255","title":"Kellyanne Conway reacts to Michael Flynn's resignation","url":"/GMA/video/kellyanne-conway-reacts-michael-flynns-resignation-45479255"}