'The Knick': Blood and Guts Galore

Clive Owen talks about pushing the limits in his new TV series.
11:52 | 08/29/14

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Transcript for 'The Knick': Blood and Guts Galore
Fit for use a patient was infected with -- senior -- has filed. Normally we wouldn't do surgical sleep with -- -- were due to a severe case of bronchitis has developed post operative -- we cannot we must operate. We cannot do to -- -- and feel pain my solution. Number nerves in the spine. Between the thoracic vertebrae six and seven Sosa -- the brain from learning of the crane. I intend to reject a 2% cocaine solution directly into mr. -- -- spinal canal low enough not to affect the heart -- High enough to doll everything below. -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- His control had once -- the war. When a Labrador -- What happened. There is -- day goes by when I don't miss the talk. You -- attempt to suppress your -- Hi everybody I'm Peter Travers and welcome to popcorn we we tell you what's going on in the pop culture and nothing is popping in my estimation right now more. Then the neck in which Clive Owen stars as a strung out -- Who also happens to be the head of surgery at a major New York hospital and did I mention that it all takes place -- century -- This raises questions that I am not going to answer so I'm very shrewdly brought Clive -- -- here. And self. -- -- so good to see him to see you. So look at the -- tell us a little bit about this this is like no doctor show that we see on TV you know you're nineteen. And -- on 200. I remember very strongly. Time over the for a script Steven Soderbergh during the course -- -- found this thing of one of development of 101000 television. -- -- -- -- And I finished it and I'm never read anything like care and -- you the end of I was definitely enough to do it. It's and launching on this and New York. It's certainly one of medicine which was incredibly excited -- medicine that would normally think so -- book. They were in essence choosing from hasn't -- trying things out but they were. You really making big straws are some really really. So -- an exciting time. And the -- who was just unlike anything Dodd -- really he's. You know opening scene is waking -- -- I don't condemn the inject some self with the -- the quicker kind. -- -- up to perform a major operation in -- hospital. I was like it was wild and it -- fell. Edgy contemporary a -- to dinners and began his I have to say -- mentioned it to few people in the in the medical profession that. There was changed completely. Where they can get the next breath -- -- do. Will I want talk about some issues that the show itself -- first of all some of it makes you go. I mean the first operation is simple C -- And yet. -- even though my wife had a C section and I was there that this was so much bloody aunts -- still hope are of all. Why is the point of doing to show everybody just point it is. Welcome to munching on -- I mean that -- the one thing that you -- of the Gaza Reuters they did an incredible amount of recession is nothing in this whole thing that is -- -- but what was really going on about time. Including your operations operations it was an advisable to -- -- incredible archive of photographs and medical instruments -- booklets from the time advising other doctors on how to perform its operations so he would look over the he's -- -- mostly operations was more -- more blunt but that's the reality. You know about -- operation is very much cases like this is the time we were in this is how they would doing it and this is what it would have been like you. The reality is you wouldn't want to be rolling out on a Gurney and 901 of those apprentice. There's also attacked her in this show. Who is a black man. Who's a doctor that you're character doctor John Thackeray is just terrible to its racism it's nineteen -- These guys really super qualified in your saying get -- way. Again because there's an incredible resource went up like -- who's working and -- holds -- view about time. And that was something that when I told who watches are not tell -- relationship troubles and changes -- develops into other things. It was important to me that he wasn't. You know it's Stephanie -- is shocking. And should be shocking. But you know. Bill needed to -- logic of why its eyes this guy wouldn't want this -- their owners because people wouldn't want to be treated by I'm in the business of saving lives. And then the whole thing does develop but it's important if you're doing a thing. You know we try to be is offensive to the period in every way we couldn't have really represent what relied. It would have been insane if I was the forward thinking. Cool guy that was you know because it just wasn't -- wasn't. The attitude of the times and you know it's it's shocking and difficult to take but it should be. So what's the ultimate challenge for you in plain and -- When you reading each day I'm attracted to this script and like what I'm seeing them working with Soderbergh but -- 22 really big challenges 11. Is you playing a character that's kind of so abrasive in most ways you know he is brilliant. When he's content redeemed because is in the business segment -- lives -- -- Who do who calls his from the push the whole world of medicine forward. -- -- the same time -- Howard and can be abrasive he's. -- and to navigate your way through time now is where you know you're playing a leading -- doesn't exactly take people by the hand and say let me lead you into this world book. It's you know that that's a challenge you know something -- but it's a challenge don't -- like. And also there's the thing of you're playing as you said -- functioning others. So every scene she's determined by where he is. In these drugs that's the reality. -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- He goes to work in the morning technical Coca at some point he goes down it goes up so every scene has become a breakthrough by well -- in the and -- -- wrong in the season you'll see the you know things -- one time as a shortage and he gets desperate for a vote on just taken -- -- march. So collaboration with was was you know -- was a big deal. If a young audiences -- there. And they're saying. -- -- I'm just discovering him why would you choose lobbied the three -- four movies that you've done. That you think they should sit here regardless of their box office. The got a -- chosen a man Alfonso this film but -- eyesore for the first time when. That's one on no -- down the line I'm gonna be proud of thought have to say about I have to say closer because. I -- the original play flying the other hall. Love this appeasement to love the right thing to get the opportunity to play the -- the paw in the movie without cost of -- -- was right for news. A gift from -- you know that was. In a very special. You'd have to say creepy because such things Michael rooms of tiny film really time budget didn't like -- -- -- even get released and then somehow. Sneaked -- you know -- a bit of sort of cult following a change of my career radio from result of losing them in America. So you know that three years and then it's always the next one you know on was one -- -- -- You know it's the whatever one's common enemy -- on amendments filed by that I think is the most important thing. You know more is so you can force might -- the three mentioned. People did kind of -- But is there some sort of hitting -- because we do have it we can stream them we can go to Netflix we can still buy dvds. There when he won the same -- results for two area just as the both conspired to warm was fell more than a score extra -- -- called the boys are back. Which is -- very torturing very sensitive in my film. You know a lot development of -- -- visual and permanently. And most of the film a couple of years ago that James Marsh started and that's -- -- of guns and it was. Our -- function of these indirect peace it was set during the peace talks general mine and -- about ago picked up when my five forgiveness choice of become an informal. Or -- going away from home Tom you know residency conditions are -- go back into. On -- -- environment. An informal and it's it was really -- three directors. Unfortunately for whatever reason didn't quite get out as much to open I think. James -- is one of the best directors coming so now -- you can. But when you did I call I think an epic episode of extras with wreckage -- -- If people didn't know you were kidding. -- -- that's kind of an incredible. Portrait of an actor out of control. Whose ego is gone we're always Adrian. Bomb did to a huge fan does not think he's so -- and I was a big -- When into the office and upon -- from the New York. A little while electoral cool and he just pitch me seemed on the phone. He says. And I own clutch and -- -- play yourself. Actor who would -- -- an actress and -- I wouldn't pay money -- as a hook up. And you're saying sure I'll do I was -- so -- a settlement in just show and that's where you've got to say. Awful -- Kosovo in -- men through. How often have -- used that brings to mind and to be on confederacy Korea Koroma said he's really only the only thing is that. I'm not sure about that -- last line anyway it's the Huntsman is the breslaw. I'd never -- Never used course -- -- sure OK I heard it but it. You can cut. You know from before that they -- we sentence. I -- to you -- camping. I've tried to coerce you into just the slightest little thing your love of David Bowie just informs your entire life. You began even -- you pretend it's creepy. It really began with used the artful -- an -- and -- -- now. And I've always say to you and you because you're an expert in denial -- forget. But I mean I think. And looking for the tiniest bit of -- David -- Or even consider here's which is the -- dot com you can do you know you can't do it with you. -- city of south. At at the that Jeff. One day it's -- Real that was used and -- -- it was good yeah I think my days of playing artful dodger all of and you play and -- my -- Thank you. They -- they -- that was great.

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{"id":25178530,"title":"'The Knick': Blood and Guts Galore","duration":"11:52","description":"Clive Owen talks about pushing the limits in his new TV series.","url":"/GMA/video/knick-blood-guts-galore-25178530","section":"GMA","mediaType":"default"}