Will King of Pop's Children Take Part in Aunt's Reality Show?

La Toya Jackson reveals if her family members are supporting her decision to star in new series.
3:17 | 04/11/13

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Video Transcript
Transcript for Will King of Pop's Children Take Part in Aunt's Reality Show?
We are back now with la toya jackson. She is getting ready to debut her very own reality show called "life with la toya jackson" and offers a never before seen look inside pop music's most famous families. So great to have you with us. Happy to be here, lara. I'm glad. It's early, I know. I haven't seen you in a while. In a long time. I know. Congratulations on the show. I know you've been asked to do these many times. Yes, I have. Why now? I always said no, no, and no and people think they know you and have this misconception or make up stories about you and everybody starts believing these things and I just had enough of it and I said, you know what, if you want to talk and know about me let me show you who I am. Follow me on my journey with life with la toya jackson. It involves your family and relationship with your friends. I have a clip in which you talk about a connection with you have with kathy hilton, who knew. Best friend and with michael. Take a look. One of my earliest memories with hilton is the pact we made, between myself, kathy and michael. We would have children and name them paris. She had a child and named her paris. Then michael had a child and named his daughter paris. I never had children so I named my dog paris. Paris passed on so I have prince. I want you to set the record straight. Maybe the kids of michael would be a part of the show, we heard. Yes or no. No, they're not. They're not a part. What about others, mom, dad, siblings. My mother is a part of the show. She loves it. She's excited. My father the same way. He is a part of the show. I spend time with my mother and my father. We go on this road trip and the whole bit. My father, we go camping and do a lot of great things, fishing, the whole bit. It's uplifting and jovial. We've always kept our lives private and secluded. It's my life. There are so many misconceptions out there. There are. So I would imagine this is a way for you to have a voice. One thing that is out there in the media right now is this wrongful death suit that against aeg over michael's death. I would imagine that would bring up a lot of emotions. Will we see that play out on the show? I'm not privy to speak on that yet and also I completed the show, the filming of the show is completed so we're done with it for now. So on the show we will see a never before look inside the world of one of the most famous women and we will also see you searching for love. Yeah, you will. Absolutely. And the show is completed shooting so -- just completed. So? So did it work? You have to wait and see. You'll see, I'm there. I'm like love and on but I'm there. You got a good smile on your face. I'm happy and excited. We're glad to have you. Great to see you. As always. Good to see you,s always. You look beautiful. Yeah. Check out "life with la toya jackson" this saturday on own.

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{"id":18932109,"title":"Will King of Pop's Children Take Part in Aunt's Reality Show?","duration":"3:17","description":"La Toya Jackson reveals if her family members are supporting her decision to star in new series.","url":"/GMA/video/la-toya-jackson-interview-reality-show-king-pops-18932109","section":"GMA","mediaType":"default"}