Lance Armstrong Confession: 'I Could Not Believe Lance Apologized'

Betsy Andreu, the wife of one of the cyclist's former teammates discusses his confession to drug use.
4:21 | 01/18/13

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Transcript for Lance Armstrong Confession: 'I Could Not Believe Lance Apologized'
Now, to betsy andreu, his husband was lance armstrong's teammate and close friend. The couple was part of his intimate circle, until he says they turned on him. Betsy, good morning. You said you were furious watching that interview. What was it you expected to hear? I want to give credit to lance because what he did, admitting that he was a fraud and a cheat, all those years, is a huge, big step. He took the first step. But he -- it all started with his hospital room, where he admitted using performance-enhancing drugs. And he wouldn't step up to the plate where it all happened. This is where it all started. I was really disappointed personally that he didn't admit to that. He admitted ruining the lives of many people who told the truth about his doping. But when he was asked point-blank, if you told the truth when you testified under oath, that lance had told his cancer doctors in that hospital room, that he used performance-enhancing drugs, he refused. He said, I'm going to lay down on that one. It sounds like he was saying, she didn't tell the truth. But I'm not going to challenge her anymore. In lance's mind, what he is saying is, I'll give her that one. So, in his mind, he is saying, let's agree with what betsy said. It would have been nice. But I think there's legal issues there because if anybody lied under oath about the hospital room before the grand jury, that just opens up a myriad of problems. Let's look at the clip when he was asked whether or not he had made things right with you. He said he's been on an apology tour, calling people to apologize. Let's look at what he said. Is it well with the two of you? Have you made peace? No. I think she'd be okay with me saying this. But I'm going to take the liberty to say it. And I said, listen, I called youcrazy. I called you . I called you all these things. But I never called you fat. I never called you fat? What is that? What lance would do is, he would attack the person and not the message. And so, he would just go after me. And there were rumors of, he said this, this and that about you. And I say, well, okay. Fine. Maybe I was a witch. But now, everybody knows why. I told the truth for years. And it just went unheard. And to set the record vengeful, bitter, crazy. A lot of other words I can't say on morning television. He called you in the last couple of days. He revealed last night in the interview. What did he say to you in that conversation? Did he apologize? He did apologize. And it means more that he apologized to me on the phone and not in a public forum. This is the first time you'd heard him in years and years and years. At my deposition in 2005. What was it like to hear him on the phone? How did he sound? I couldn't believe it was lance. I could not believe that lance apologized. I think this was a process. I honestly don't think he knows how to tell the truth and how to say I'm sorry. So, it means a lot that he called to apologize to me. It was a very emotional conversation. I want to keep it private. But he certainly dropped the ball when it came to that hospital room. And I told him in that conversation, lance, this is where it all started. You have to tell the truth here. You know him very, very well. To many last night, he didn't look remorseful. He still looks ruthless. That's because, again, for him to admit what he did was a big first step. But this is all new for everybody. There's a range of emotions. Lance doesn't say I'm sorry. Lance isn't used to telling the truth. And so, I think in the days to come, in the months to come, I'm hot we will see the contrition. Actions speak louder than words. The words aren't empty. Yes or no, did he hurt himself? Yes. All right. Betsy, I'm sure we'll be hearing a lot more. Part two of the interview airs tonight. Thanks for being here. You're welcome. Your vindication finally arrived in the court of public opinion.

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{"duration":"4:21","description":"Betsy Andreu, the wife of one of the cyclist's former teammates discusses his confession to drug use.","mediaType":"default","section":"ABCNews/GMA","id":"18246761","title":"Lance Armstrong Confession: 'I Could Not Believe Lance Apologized'","url":"/GMA/video/lance-armstrong-confession-lance-apologized-18246761"}