Libraries no longer lend just books

Some libraries across the country are lending items like sewing machines and musical instruments to community members, plus inside the growing trend of people wearing slippers at work.
5:01 | 11/02/17

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Transcript for Libraries no longer lend just books
Do you ever wish you could try out an item, you know, outside of the home before you commit to it and own it? Yeah. Well, you know what, like a kid who wants to learn an instrument you buy it and all of a sudden they're no good at it. You don't have to worry about it anymore. Some libraries are letting you do that. Setting up what they call libraries of things where people could check out anything from cookware to garden tool, chimney sweep, whatever you want, just like you would a book, the beaverton library in Oregon is establishing a library of things and they surveyed the community to see what the people would like in it and any guesses on what the top three requested items are so far. I'd want to try out a bed. A bed? Ew. Try out a bed. That's what I'm saying. You want to try it out first. It's a library. Somebody else did that. I was not expecting that. I did not see that coming. I was thinking more like a pasta maker or something. A bed? I'm so sorry because that was funny. A bed. Okay. I understand where you're coming from. Okay, we'll reveal the top three. We had help from our audience. Rebecca, reveal what this is. A sewing machine. I would like that. That's a good one. I wish I knew how to sew. And kwani has the second most requested item. A point and shoot camera. I wonder if the first one is a bed, George. The most requested item so far, Alicia, reveal it. A microscope. Oh. So my question, George, you already said what you would like. You were thinking a pasta maker. That's a great idea. That inspired me to think I'm wanting to know about the best blenders to make smoothies. I looked at the list. Many solve the other things have been taxidermied animals. Ooh. At that library and then also Santa suits are very popular. Okay. I guess borrow it and -- You guys are making fun of a bed. You want to borrow it and see if you want to buy it? There's going to be a rush around Christmas. You better be on the list early. There's such a thing as a human library. This is where it gets funky. Human library where you can rent people's time to talk to them about their experiences. That sounds like something else. Wow. That -- That's another level right there. This is in our notes from our producers this. Is real stuff. But these libraries are popping up all over the country. There's more than one. I like the idea of that. You can donate stuff you don't use anymore. I just can't get bed out of my head. I know. But anyway, that's that. We're off it. Oh, boy. Here's what I'm bringing to the breakfast table or bringing under the breakfast table. You see these right here. My froggy slippers. This is now -- I did not know I was a trendsetter. It is a big thing now to wear work slippers, bringing slippers to work that you're more productive. More productive, in fact, there's a British shoe label called shoe garden and they've just launched a line of office friendly slippers so I don't know if you all want to choose any in here for you guys. I'll let you choose first. They said how kids do better in school. Really? Yes, if they're not wearing shoes. Really and -- it's also decreasing bullying as well. Decreases bullying. Why? Because people are more relaxed. More relaxed, comfortable. I have seen the trend. Have you seen the shoes that like -- I think Gucci started it but now you can get knockoff version, slip-ons that have fur. Loafers like house slippers. Really big. Andre has on a pair right now. He has on a pair.@ I'm in a better mood already. I wear slippers around the house and I'm very relaxed. Saying it really works. I don't -- could you wear slippers at work? No, George. I don't think so. I think -- I think I will be more productive in shoes. Slippers I think I would just be over here like, hey, a little too relaxed. There's some companies in Sweden in fact that they have launched a no shoe policy. So I'm just telling you. Just letting you know what's out there. Yeah. All right. Could be coming to "Gma." I think we're already -- George is not agreeing. George wants a bed here. He don't want any slippers. Coming up, Tory is here with

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{"id":50876632,"title":"Libraries no longer lend just books","duration":"5:01","description":"Some libraries across the country are lending items like sewing machines and musical instruments to community members, plus inside the growing trend of people wearing slippers at work. ","url":"/GMA/video/libraries-longer-lend-books-50876632","section":"GMA","mediaType":"default"}