Limiting Your Child's Screen Time

Learn the benefits of tracking your children's time on the computer.
2:16 | 10/29/13

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Transcript for Limiting Your Child's Screen Time
Kids and screen time. All parents struggle with how much and when. And our dr. Richard besser is here with more recommendations coming in from the american academy of pediatrics. No devices during meal time. That's a no-brainer. No devices after -- unless the tv happens sometimes. It's hard. No devices after bedtime. If it's in the room, they shouldn't be on that. And limit the number of hours on any screen time to no more than two. And children under 2, no screen time whatsoever. Oh. No tv, no internet. That is a big one because a lot of parents park their kids, get that little half hour when they're trying to make dinner. What precipitated this report right now? There's big concerns. There's a lot of studies that link health concerns to screen time. If you look at teens and between tweens, almost eight hours a day. And the older teens, as high as 11 hours. The healthlin links are big. Obesity, school progression. Progression? Quality. So, if you have -- when I see a child who has some of the issues, I want to dive in and see what are they doing on the screen? Are they all violent games? There is a link between that and violence. Once upon a time, this is how much tv are they watching every day. Now, it's a life. It's a lifestyle. We're connected at the hip. Yeah. It's not all bad. You know, in terms of social isolation, having kids connected on social media can be a good thing. But you have to really look at how they're doing it. Are tha practicing pediatrician, do you see a problem? One thing I see, is kids not playing. Spending time in front of a screen instead of using their bodies. But I see parents not modeling the right behavior. I'll be talking to a parent about their child and they pull out the phone and they're on it. When we're with the kids, turn off and focus. Using the body and imagination. Thanks, rich. Coming up, jennifer garner. How she is balancing work and

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{"id":20712518,"title":"Limiting Your Child's Screen Time","duration":"2:16","description":"Learn the benefits of tracking your children's time on the computer.","url":"/GMA/video/limiting-childs-screen-time-20712518","section":"GMA","mediaType":"default"}