How 3 Women Lost More Than 100 Pounds Each

Three women share how they lost nearly half their body weight through simple lifestyle changes.
4:36 | 07/22/15

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Transcript for How 3 Women Lost More Than 100 Pounds Each
Some truly dramatic weight loss stories. Women who each lost over 100 pounds. The new issue of "People" magazine hitting stands nationwide Friday shares how these inspiring women did it. And Jesse palmer is here to tell us all about it. Good morning, jess. Good morning, robin. It was something different that motivated each of these women but they all set out to transform their bodies kicking bad habits, embracing exercise hoping to inspire others on a journey. I lost 105 pounds within two years. I have lost 112 pounds and it took me about three years. Reporter: 27-year-old Judy Ann Clark and 35-year-old Melissa menis are thankful for a new lease on life sharing their struggles and triumphs inside "People" magazine's latest 100-pound weight loss edition. It was at night that I would get hungry. Reporter: Clark had been overweight most of her life but a trip to the doctor's office would forever change her. He told me that I would need bariatric surgery. It just felt like my world was coming to an end. Reporter: Saying no to surgery Clark joined jenny Craig shortly after going from 241 pounds to an incredible 136 pounds. My weight now is at a place where I feel like I can manage it. Reporter: At age 25, Melissa was at her heaviest eating nearly 8,000 calories a day. I cried myself to sleep every night. Reporter: After discovering Lisa Lillian's hungry girl site in February 2010 she took the weight off for good going from 252 pounds to an amazing 140. It's a life that I used to wish I had and today I have it. Reporter: And for 28-year-old sharday smith-stevens also featured in the spread her transformation is one you have to see to believe. Revealed live right now. And without further ado let's take a look at sharday smi smith-stevens before her weight loss and here's sharday today. ? Sharday, congratulations. Oh, my goodness. So amazing. She's here with us along with Zoe Ruderman. We're so happy for you. How do you feel? I feel amazing. I'm still in awe. I have two very good best friends who always say, I have to get to know my new best friend because the time used to be nachos at Roberta's and now it's like let's go on a hike and do a new workout. Zoe, watching at home, how can they be inspired by sharday's story ask. The lesson here, this is just about hard work. It's about lifetime changes, diet change, all of the women we featured, no gimmick, no surgery. It is about finding a wake-up call for sharday it was about her mom passing away from hypertension and realizing she didn't want to have that same fate and making a big change in your life. Consistent with all the ones -- They all had this wake-up call. Sharday, tell us what was your typical diet. I'm sighing some differences here. Oh, wow. Okay, so for breakfast it would be a mcgriddle at McDonald's. Lunch, you know, Mexican pizza, dinner is fried chicken, you see the snacks would be chips, you know, cupcakes then I would have a fourth meal so moving over, I would have now egg omelet, egg whites, you know, salmon, asparag asparagus, brown rice, protein shake, mixed vegans, almond, apples and blueberries for snacks. Portion control is really big, Zoe. Exercise and portion control. All right, and so you have three musts, three can dos if you want to lose weight. Yes. What are they. In the beginning one water with cinnamon and lemon. It helps the digestive system, keep your blood sugar down. Pro buy ottics 30 minutes before each meal and whole grain oatmeal. Add berries, your body will love you. It speeds up your metabolism. You know, it is adopting a new lifestyle. A new way of living. It's about hard work. Yeah, all right. Very hard work. I think she's got a new show in her future. Yes. Zoe, thank you.

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{"duration":"4:36","description":"Three women share how they lost nearly half their body weight through simple lifestyle changes.","mediaType":"default","section":"ABCNews/GMA","id":"32613176","title":"How 3 Women Lost More Than 100 Pounds Each ","url":"/GMA/video/lose-weight-fashioned-32613176"}