Maine Governor Faces Fallout From Expletive-Filled Voicemail

The "GMA" team and insiders analyze some of the biggest stories trending this morning.
5:15 | 08/29/16

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Transcript for Maine Governor Faces Fallout From Expletive-Filled Voicemail
Back now with the big board. Team of insiders weighing in on today's top stories. Lease start right here with Matthew dowd. You're back here, as well. Different kind of political story starts out in may and their governor, Paul Lepage, under fire after leaving a voice mail full of profanities for a political -- This is governor Paul Richard Lepage. I would like to talk to you about your comments about my being a racist, you . I've spent my life helping black people and you little son of a , socialist . I am after you. We cut out a few of the beeps. Not the first time it's happened with this governor, though. He might want to acknowledge some tourette's syndrome in that. I mean here's a guy that describes himself as Donald Trump before Donald Trump was cool. He's done this throughout his career, throughout his life. This actually just took it one step over the edge. During a press conference governor Lepage apologized for the expletives in that voice mail but then went on in that same press conference to again cast Maine's drug problem in racial terms, let's take a look. The enemy right now, the overwhelming majority of people coming in are people of color or people of hispanic origin. Leading democrats asking governor Lepage to step down. Will he? He should have stuck with the curse words. Hey, to me he's not going to leave. I mean, to paraphrase Charlton Heston you'll have to pry the governor's mansion from his cold, dead hands in this. He will not be effective. This is his last term. Up in a few years but he's not going anywhere. You say he was trump before trump. Trump is trying to win Maine. Does this make any difference? I don't think Maine was ever fundamentally in the realm of possibility. Maybe one electoral vote but I don't think this will have an impact. Thanks so much. Now to breaking news, good breaking news that may help quell the growing outrage over the skyrocketing price of the epipen, the life-saving device used by those suffering from severe allergies and Rebecca Jarvis joins us. Tell us about the new developments just in. Just in this morning. Good morning to you. So the epipen price now for a generic version is going to be half the price of the original. The epipen maker this morning mylan announced there will be the new generic version available in several weeks that will cost $300 for a two-pack, half the price of the original so the prices, they're moving in the right direction. They're moving lower. There's also for people out there who are a little bit confused about this. There's also another different alternative to the epipen. It's called the adrena-click available at a lower price than the epipen, you can get it with a good rx coupon for $140. Some co-pays will get you there lower but you have to talk to your doctor because it's so important you get the prescription from your doctor for the one you want. Rebecca, you talked about alternatives. Some have been turning to expired epipens in order to save some money is that ever a good idea. This is not a good idea. Unfortunately, these things have expiration dates on them for a reason because the epinephrine, the drug that saves people's lives deteriorates over time. The other thing, it's a terrible idea buying them on Ebay. You don't know where they're coming from. Rebecca Jarvis, thanks so much. We move on to a new report on kids and sports from the American academy of pediatrics warns parents against letting their kids specialize in one sport too early. Dr. Jen is with us and it says this focus could lead to physical, emotional, social problems. What do you make of it? Well here's what we're talking about, George, in terms of physical, of course, we've heard it before. There is a risk of overuse injuries, especially when young kids dedicate themselves really to one sport. The so-called specially says. Emotional risk, there could be burnout here and then psychological even, there is a risk that if you expose a young child to one sport as their identity is developing, they could start to see themselves as I'm just a soccer player. I'm just a tennis player and if or when that sport stops, they don't know who they are. So this is a huge push now in youth sports about diversifying and we need to know some Numbers here about 70% of kids who participate in youth sports drop out by age 13. And reality check, only about 3% to 11% will make it to play at the college level. If that is your goal or your child's goal you better understand college coaches, yes, they want great hockey players, want great soccer players but more than that they want great athletes and that means being Rell rounded. What do you do, Jen, if you buy into this as a parent but your child really just wants to play that one sport? Well, this is my life, you guys, because you know I have a 16-year-old daughter who plays ice hockey. She's been playing for 11 years and forced her to take three months off a year and we forced her kind of to pick up a sport which she's done reluctantly. Coaches and parents need to take the lead of organizations like usa hockey who has been on the forefront of this. It's age based at the age of 8, you will play and train differently than you do at age 15 or 16. Practicing what you preach. Okay, Jen, thanks very much. Thanks, Rebecca and Matt.

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{"duration":"5:15","description":"The \"GMA\" team and insiders analyze some of the biggest stories trending this morning.","mediaType":"default","section":"ABCNews/GMA","id":"41713123","title":"Maine Governor Faces Fallout From Expletive-Filled Voicemail","url":"/GMA/video/maine-governor-faces-fallout-expletive-filled-voicemail-41713123"}