How to Make a Super Bowl Snack Stadium

Joanna Saltz, the editor of Delish, appears live on "GMA" to share how to make a "snack stadium" to enjoy as you watch the big game.
4:00 | 02/03/17

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Transcript for How to Make a Super Bowl Snack Stadium
snack stadium. We've got one team representing. Atlanta falcons and another representing the new England patriots and editor of, Joanna Saltz, showing us how to make one at home. That say party. These are a party. How would you describe to your viewers what a snack stadium is. It's been a trend for a couple of years but a way for us to bring the super bowl game in a big way to your house and really like celebrate the fact that this is like a huge -- this is our Thanksgiving as far as I'm concerned. I love it. With all of the most delicious naughty foods you can imagine. You can have your Turkey sliders. Give me all the sliders but we brought our big game here. What I love about what we've done is we've made it fun and easy for to you do at home. You're not constructing anything insane. Not like building anything from scratch. You want to create sort of an oval shape stadium type using something and fill it with great foods. What we have done here. First we have Lindsay representing team patriots. Tell us what you guys did for your snake stadium. Everything here is iconically new England. So for our sweet side we did doughnuts. We wanted to re-create the doughnut wall trend that's exploding on Pinterest. It's a thing so we simply took thumb tack, put them into foam core and created this awesome display. You can get all the tears at your local supply store. They areun. There's something fun about taking a doughnut off a wall and eating it. I don't know why. Totally. I notice you have ice cream coned filled with cannoli. Cannoli. Very Boston to us. Who is going to go out of their way to get cannoli or for that make matter canole si theys. The colors of the patriots. Do you call these whopper pies. Whoopie pies. You have dips. Crab dip. Crab/artichoke dip. Crab felt new England. No one wants new England clam chowder and fluffer nutter dip. Fluffer nutter is from Massachusetts. It was created in Massachusetts. Yes. Created in Massachusetts. So you took a theme and ran with it but everything is really fun. So easy to make and a mix of store bought and homemade. You threw in the sliders and dogs. Basically giant pigs in the blanket, let's go. Life is good. Very well done. Lindsey and over here, Candace. You did cans. They did beer. You did soda. Yours is filled with foods that represent Atlanta. Talk to me? As a southern girl at heart when you represent Atlanta you have to bring it with the southern comfort foods. Went all out. We did a mix of tore bought too. Banana pudding from magnolia bakery and Georgetown red velvet cupcakes. Yes, these are pulled pork on corn bread muffins. Oh, come on. And chicken and waffle sliders. Absolutely. Listen, we want to know from our fans here in the audience, who you guys think should win this ultimate snack showdown. So by a show of applause who believes that it should be team Lindsey and the patriots? And who thinks it should be Candace and the falcons? Wow. Congratulations, great job. Listen, the best news is everybody wins because every single bit of food you see here is being donated today to the hoboken shelter in New Jersey so everybody wins here. Waste nothing. We want to thank official NFL apparel for providing game day gear for our audience and tips to build your own stadium on our website Coming up we're live in Houston

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{"id":45235902,"title":"How to Make a Super Bowl Snack Stadium","duration":"4:00","description":"Joanna Saltz, the editor of Delish, appears live on \"GMA\" to share how to make a \"snack stadium\" to enjoy as you watch the big game. ","url":"/GMA/video/make-super-bowl-snack-stadium-45235902","section":"GMA","mediaType":"default"}