Malaysia Airlines Plane 'Ended in the Southern Indian Ocean'

Malaysian Prime Minister Najib Razak announced findings taken from new satellite data.
3:00 | 03/24/14

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Transcript for Malaysia Airlines Plane 'Ended in the Southern Indian Ocean'
This is an ABC news special -- The mystery of flight 37. And good morning I'm Josh Kelley -- breaking news this morning in the search. For the missing Jumbo jet flight 37 need -- Malaysian prime ministers holding a surprise press conference let's go they're now. We've had exited his investigation -- -- located Monday. Big moment came. -- -- -- Would you be good movement. As or. -- -- -- -- -- Never reported. And then there's the occasional missile. They have been huge. Four. Need for -- he's. -- And that is news. And the yeah. Okay you sends. New ethanol -- And that is. Wars in the moon. -- -- It is. -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- Do you. Right. Quoting. -- we didn't you do. Any reason. And do. In -- But in -- Brutally -- School. That is good news. It -- Want to do all you guys who -- And at this moment. Who -- information. Are we didn't -- ordinance. -- -- -- yeah. -- -- -- -- -- you going there. Well there's enough. Programs. -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- And other. The city's. -- Malaysian prime minister Najib resign. Holding a surprise press conference it is 10 PM. Can call and -- to say. That based on satellite. Information information -- by satellites. That there is confirmation. That no one on board Malaysia airlines flight 370 has survived what they did not say. Is that any debris or or wreckage related to the plane itself has yet been found. He did also say that there would be a press conference tomorrow. Detailing it more what they -- and obviously how they came to know it. But we do want to turn -- ABC's David -- David they even tracking the story from the very beginning. Two -- -- of course became one he confirmed as well that it was that southern -- or. Where this plane did fly well off the coast the southwest coast of Perth as we see there and we see these -- search areas -- David. To -- could have. Could have drifted as far as 700 miles to the west of that second area. There are so based on what we've just heard again with no plane -- wreckage. What does it tell us at least about. How they came to how they came to identify the southern port or as the -- -- -- -- we've known that the satellites they've been able to refine some of that data and so. Well we've been told by US officials now for more than a week that it was off Australia now. With this refinement what the Malaysians have just done -- said listen this plane crashed. In the southern Indian Ocean and nobody survived this was an effort to give some closure. To the families in Beijing and elsewhere who -- including three Americans who -- on this aircraft. That this is a lost aircraft and every soul on board was lost so that's why the Malaysians came on said this that this additional satellite David. The refinement of it tells us that this plane crashed in the southern Indian Ocean now. Back to the debris and this is very important Josh. This is the area that they're looking for the debris and there were a lot of -- findings of some of debris. Today because we have all these aircraft now we have ten aircraft that are searching this area. And it is now dark there and there is a ship in this area now and the Malaysians are hoping. Step by tomorrow they might be will actually pick up a piece of debris and say here is part of flight 370. But it is drifted so far 300 700 miles away. We're not gonna find the aircraft there the way we find the aircraft is by going back to the two last flight pass that have been plotted from that satellite data. And what we are hoping that as a refined -- we get to one. Area where they think this flight actually impacted the ocean. And then they will make a grid over that area and start using those underwater little sub zero and and and sonar that you can dragged through the water to certain listening for that -- here. Because we are going to be running out of batteries and a couple of. We've taken educated as that search has now become -- do you wanna also -- an ABC news aviation consultant colonel Stephen -- in Washington. And Steve you've been you first -- you made it clear this morning even before that press conference that the first and arguably most important part. Of this -- it is now complete and that is providing the families of those lost 239 soles. With a sense of closure again as we look to identify where this plane did go down and how. It did in fact crash but this moment now. Having provided that moment to those families of the -- 139 people on board what next then. Is so what's the next step in this -- Steve. And Josh. The one thing I heard from the prime minister that gives me hope and and we need to track this down is that they may be some new data. From -- in March that the company that runs the satellite constellation that originally gave us these two marks. There may be some new data -- gives us a little bit more precise information. As you say. We now have closure for the families the -- search is not as important anymore what we need to do now is get to the black boxes. And remember that the airplane was on this southern southerly heading. And it went into the water and entered after it hit the water -- there was some debris that floated and it floated off to the east. For 700 miles perhaps. But at the bottom of the ocean where that airplane impacted as were most of them are human remains are going to be. And where the black boxes are and as we've been saying for weeks now the only way to solve this mystery. Is to get to those black boxes so I'm encouraged that potentially we may have new information. From -- sat there will allow us to refine where that aircraft when in. Because to find -- in the bottom the ocean is is if we thought it was would find the debris was hard. Finding it on the bottom the ocean is going to be at least twice as hard so so we're just hoping that something good is gonna come out of out of what we're hearing -- -- the tactical part really has just begun we are slaughtering and ABC's Gloria -- she is in Beijing -- that of course. The original destination. For flight 370 she has been with the families of those souls. On board the flight Gloria their reaction this morning -- in this evening there in Beijing was what. -- it's been dramatic here at the -- hotel in Beijing were getting reports. ABC news has been inside the room where families are one woman at least -- being put on a stretcher. Crying screaming this location of course since March -- for the families have been. Keeping hope alive the news today confirming their worst fear is one woman telling ABC news. She receives the information from Malaysian officials in an email any English. And just as this press conference was beginning to happen families were still coming down from the hotel rooms. Entering a room to be together where they have been together. For so many days. Demanding answers answers that just didn't come paying for the best. Bracing for the worst. That worse news for them coming to -- All right Gloria Gloria -- there in Beijing us want to bring in David Wright -- He was member of one of the -- -- he actually rode along. With that sub -- plane that US navy had provided now by David there at search headquarters. There are obviously so many emotions to pick through. At this point but what -- what's the feeling there now that at least there's a sense that they have honed in on where that plane. Perhaps precisely when to. But we've been out on to these missions Josh and all along the search teams have told us. They're determined to provide some answers here that said as Steve and David were saying. This is a huge area to cover the search area here that they've covered in the southern corridor alone is bigger than the state of California. If you can imagine what it's like out there flying -- across the ocean. Next time -- in your car look out the side window and watch the world rushing by these planes are going 200 miles an hour. 250 feet above the water in very poor visibility has been very difficult to spot debris and they've been concerned that possibly they passed by. Now that there is a sense of what happened here I think. And an all day we've been getting reports from these planes that that there has been some debris and found in the water not clear if it's connected with the plane. Now that there are some answers I think you'll see the information start to flow faster that said as Steve said. Did did did as difficult as the search has been until now it's become it's gonna become even more difficult to go under the water. And find the heavy wreckage that may -- below -- hard to imagine. David -- they're impressed that you want to also bring in ABC's Bob Woodruff he was at the press conference this this evening there in column for. And Bob Malaysian officials haven't been heavily criticized at times for the length of this search and -- sense that perhaps. -- there were that was intentional obfuscation. On their part but now the prime minister steps to the podium and again provides arguably the most important part of this surge that -- closure. For the families of those souls lost on board what was the reaction there and problems war. -- Josh absolutely that was the word closure by the best way to put it you know I did have a chance yesterday to talk about how wonderful -- -- -- chief Steward. Ballet Patrick. Was they told us from the very beginning the most important thing to them is not that the plane is found it's just that -- in that plan. Their future is well known are they alive or did they pass away. And no matter what that -- great. Life that we talked to -- the mother. Of all these children were with us and she put a candle. Right in their room burning without stopping at the last sixteen days hoping that if it's his soul than he would find his way home so possibly this is. The chance for this all these other ones we were with in this hotel just a minute ago. Right before this began this talk. They're given a tax. Right before that happened at tellem was happening to families just wanted to know this -- terrible news terrible news but at least now they can begin. That closure that you mentioned so much heartbreak that has become -- in -- just there in. All -- -- we will hear again from the prime minister. Tomorrow quickly David -- -- sitting here with now the thing that every one. He's really looking for that of course the black box -- paying for how much longer and how closely after -- It they have to be within -- my lower to be here this in this is that figure out here and it makes little ticking sound like a metronome. And in that's the sound right there that you're hearing and that's exactly what they'll be listening for -- -- -- black talks is there or is so you can see them inside is a little disc. That has all the flight data on it did -- answer so many questions that we don't have answers for. As of right now coming within a mile -- -- search area larger than the state of California it's a daunting test of very daunting. Thank you. Currently thank you of course David right there in Perth glory Riviera in Beijing Bob Woodruff. In call in for we're going to return at a regular priority programming and some parts of the country that is Good Morning America and a complete wrap up tonight on world news with Diane Sawyer. All the news at ABC dot com I'm Josh Elliott have a good day. This has been a special --

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