Man Crate offers 96 different Father's Day gift options and a crowbar to open crate

ABC News' Adrienne Bankert reports the buzziest stories of the day in "GMA" Pop News.
4:23 | 06/10/17

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Transcript for Man Crate offers 96 different Father's Day gift options and a crowbar to open crate
Time for "Pop news." Just quickly we should say you were right about Mick jagger. 73 years old, eight kid, the youngest is like a year old. You can do anything when you're a dad. That's what the lesson is. That is what we're celebrating. Father's day eight days away and putting the guys to the man crate test. How it went last year. It's noisy. Took them forever. Rob and Ron have been doing serious weights. We'll see if they can open it faster than last year. You ready. Get set, crack. Paula is going to do mine. Yeah. Sealed really tight. A crowbar is offered for you and a hammer but no other instructions besides, quote, try harder. And so far no dice. There's an open one here, guys. Yeah, they have grooming products here in one of them. I've got it. You got it. What? Bar accessories. Paula is closer than the guys. Guys, do not let this happen to you. Paula's got it. Keep going. Keep going. Come on. It's a bacon -- Rob might have won. We got to do that story. Redemption. Okay, Ron wins. What is this? I hammered my hand. I'm sorry, Adrienne, go ahead. All that for sunflower seeds. I did no work and already eating so -- They did warn me this was going to be a noisy segment. Carry on. Don't take my stuff. "Black panther" is making its big debut. Marvel releasing the trailer for their newest superhero franchise during the NBA finals starring Chadwick Boseman in his title role. First played it in "Captain America: Civil war" as he battles a powerful old enemy. Michael B. Jordan, Angela bass debt and forest Whitaker in the movie. It goes into theaters next February. I just happened to see one of Michael B. Jordan's movies on a plane the other night. Are you playing with a puppet. No, this is for your driver. It's golf. I thought it was a -- if one of us is paying attention to your "Pop news." I'm with you. Sorry. And enjoying the snacks so, thanks man crate. "Wonder woman" director Patty Jenkins has confirmed a sequel is already in the works saying she'd love to come back and helm the blockbuster second install many and in exact so excited about part two she's got ideas in the pipeline. It will move from England to the United States and Jenkins saying she's got to come to America. It's earning over $103 million in its opening weekend. I'm looking forward to it. Adrienne has seen it twice. I've seen it twice. Wow. My crazy friends like the movies and I'm like, okay. Whatever, blame it on your friends. I got popcorn twice and ice. Fidget spinners aren't just for kids. Meet Quinn who can't get enough of his. Whoever invented the spinner is a rich person. The dog appears to be mesmerized lying on its side occasionally reaching out to give the item a twirl. Really. I mean it's almost like the dog is like relaxed by this thing. Very therapeutic. Somebody fed that dog a full take dinner and now he's in a coma. I wish I would have invented the fidget spinner. They're in high demand. Kids will brawl on the playyoupdz for those things. Pass the jerky. I just want to say I got a chance to emcee -- I went to Boston this week and emceed for a group that provides support for breast cancer patients. I'm really in love with him. We raised over $200,000. You are a rock star, Dan Harris in your hometown. The pickup line, almost everybody said are you 10% happier. Oh, wow. Smooth. You say pickup line. Were they hitting on you? Pickup line at a bar. They use that at a bar. I love my hometown of Boston. Boston strong. Thank you, everybody, for watching this morning. We'll see you tomorrow.

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{"duration":"4:23","description":"ABC News' Adrienne Bankert reports the buzziest stories of the day in \"GMA\" Pop News.","mediaType":"default","section":"ABCNews/GMA","id":"47955233","title":"Man Crate offers 96 different Father's Day gift options and a crowbar to open crate","url":"/GMA/video/man-crate-offers-96-fathers-day-gift-options-47955233"}