March Madness Brackets Start to Appear in Offices Everywhere

Millions are expected to participate in the yearly tradition of filling out college basketball brackets.
4:07 | 03/15/15

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Transcript for March Madness Brackets Start to Appear in Offices Everywhere
This is no ordinary Sunday. Selection Sunday. Marks the beginning of March madness. When millions of us fill out millions op brackets atenting to say who will win and who will go home. There's one day bigger than all the rest in college basketball. And it's today. Selection Sunday. When 68 teams wait to hear their name and whether they've punched a ticket to the big dance. ? they call it March madness. And let it begin. The clock is ticking. It's time to spend minutes, hours, maybe days filling out your brackets. According to the American gaming association, an estimated 40 million Americans will fill out more than 70 million brackets waging $9 billion. That's more than double the amount that was bet on the super bowl. Now picking a perfect one shouldn't be hard, right? In last year's buffet challenge, brad binder went a perfect 36-0 before his bracket was busted. Kissing the hopes of being a billionaire good-bye. And get this, you have a better chance of winning the lottery because these odds are 1 in 9.2 quintillion. Don't worry if you can't fill out your brackets at home. Employers are bracing for the inevitable dip in productivity. A dip that could cost them an estimated $1.2 billion. What does it take to beat the odds and create that mystical perfect bracket? No one knows. But maybe this year, your bracket will beat the odds. And the buzzer. The buzzer! Reporter: And quintillion, by the way, 18 zeros. In case you were wondering. We're joined by ESPN's resident basketball bracketologist, Joe lunardi. Good morning to you. Thank you for joining us. You are the main man this time of year. Help us build the best bracket. What is the strategy? I think expect the unexpected. Right? There have been 30 years since the field expanded to 64 or more teams. Only one time, one time, have all number one seeds advanced to the final four. If you're going with chalk, you better bring an eraser. Good advice there. We don't have the field yet. That's later. Who do you think will be selected as the four number one seeds tonight? That said, who is your pick to win the national championship? Think we know who most of the number one seeds are at this point. Not many games still to go. Kentucky will be the number one seed overall. In the midwest region. Others likely to include, Villanova, duke, and Wisconsin or Arizona, depending on game today involving the badgers. I believe it will be Wisconsin. And if you're picking and you're not going with chalk, you're taking a field against Kentucky. Which means, Kentucky's a lock to win since I just said the opposite. Reverse psychology right there. Kentucky is, as most people know, undefeated. Our bracketologist Joe lunardi, thank you for joining us. Good luck on your bracket. Okay? You bet. I would like to invite you to join my ESPN tournament challenge. Search my name on the ESPN web page. I'm bribing everyone with bacon. The. Winner gets a bounty of it. Bacon? A bounty of bacon. Don't you have to know a lot about the teams. For instance, my 2 1/2-year-old almost beat the entire office pool. You're telling us Dan has a shot? Of course he does. If you go with me, it's like in the super bowl when they have the octopus pick the winner. That's my role. So exciting. You have your own tournament there. Maybe bacon or tofu bacon for the vegetarians. You just ruined it.

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{"duration":"4:07","description":"Millions are expected to participate in the yearly tradition of filling out college basketball brackets. ","mediaType":"default","section":"ABCNews/GMA","id":"29649239","title":"March Madness Brackets Start to Appear in Offices Everywhere","url":"/GMA/video/march-madness-brackets-start-offices-29649239"}