Singer Takes on Son's Suicide, Daughter's Coming Out in Book

Marie Osmond discusses success and pain in her personal life amid five decades in show business.
5:28 | 04/01/13

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Transcript for Singer Takes on Son's Suicide, Daughter's Coming Out in Book
I'm over here with marie osmond. In her private life, more than her share of pain. She's written about the touch stone that's guided her up and down. "The key is love: My mother's wisdom, a daughter's gratitude" is out today. Great to see you. Great to see you. So fun. Fun to be here. It's really quiet in here. You and brad arrived at the same time. Yes, I tweeted, I said I was here with kenny chesney, april fool's. He took it well. He's so darling. I leafed through the book over the weekend. It's lovely. V very honest. It came to life looking through your mother's journal. I was asked to do a look like an erma bombeck. I had to rewrite it and rewrite it. I went through a bunch of things. It was my mom's wisdom that got me through a lot of it. I wrote it as her only daughter, growing up in the entertainment world. All those boys. All those boys. Eight brothers. And I have eight children. So I just wanted to do something to honor her. Think she was one of the greatest women that I knew. What is the one piece of wisdom you're most grateful for? One piece of wisdom? To love yourself. You know, think that that comes off as, selfish or whatever, but to really honor who you are as a person. The core values, the book is about various values that she taught me and our lives today are very different as mothers. My mother was a stay-at-home mother. She was always there for us. You were always working. I have always been a working mother. I have always had to support the family. So it's a different set of rules. It's like my mother always said, people may change, but truth done. There's a lot of wisdom in the things she taught me. Where you're a stay-at-home mom or a working mom, it's the wisdom from her. I went through journals. Just a remarkable woman. You're open about the pain. You have had the hardest blow any mother can have. Your son michael committed suicide about two years ago now. You write about how that day you knew something was wrong? You know, it's that intuition that all women have. I think in the business world that we live in, we forget to be still. And it's -- it's the hardest thing. I have lost my parents. I feel like, you know, I knew what it felt like to be an o orph orphan. To be the only girl, lose my mother, then my father. But to lose a child is never supposed thappen. What pulled me through, her wisdom and the information I put in there is -- I know from post partum depression. I wrote a book about that. You think everybody's life is better off without you in it. That is a lie. There is nothing better without the people you love in it. And you also talk about the lessons you learn from your daughter, jessica. The lesson about listening. She came out to you as a lesbian when she was 17. 17. You write about that and how other families have come to you and thanking you for teaching them to communicate about them. It's like the title of the book. Love is the key. I can't imagine I would want anything different for any of my children. I love her. She's a remarkable woman. She has the heart, bigger than the world and -- she's my kid. What can I say. And so I do believe in love. I believe in the principles of that and to honor each other. Would you like to see her marry snd. I would love to see her do what ever she wants. I know that she has been in some relationships. I don't think we should let anybody get married until e at least 23. That should be the law. But, no, you know, I desire everything for her that she wants in life. How could we not? It's being civil. It's the right thing to do. We all remember your final tour on "dancing with the stars." You made it right to the end. I got to the finals. Do you have a favorite? I have talk show on hallmark. I love it. We talk about all kinds of things opinion but, andy dick did the show. We did a cold opening. I said, you want to win that show, I have to teach you how to faint. I taught him how to pass out and keep his legs together. He's been surprising people. He's doing well. I have known him forever. I love him. We were talk about judgments. He has always owned it. No excuses. He's -- I told him, I said, you know, just hang in there. We all deserve and we all make mistakes. Thank you for coming back. It's a pleasure. T is called, "theey is love." You can see personal photos from the new book at goodmorningamerica.Com on yahoo!. Let's go to sam for a final check of the weather.

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{"id":18853554,"title":"Singer Takes on Son's Suicide, Daughter's Coming Out in Book","duration":"5:28","description":"Marie Osmond discusses success and pain in her personal life amid five decades in show business.","url":"/GMA/video/marie-osmond-interview-2013-sons-suicide-daughters-coming-18853554","section":"GMA","mediaType":"default"}