Mark Zuckerberg to Demolish 4 Homes on His Property

The Facebook CEO has filed documents saying he plans to replace the homes with "smaller, updated versions."
2:32 | 05/27/16

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Video Transcript
Transcript for Mark Zuckerberg to Demolish 4 Homes on His Property
Test Tex We're back with Facebook's CEO mark Zuckerberg and why the billionaire snagged not one but four homes surround his mansion. ABC's Rebecca Jarvis has more on what he may be planning. Good morning, Rebecca. Good morning, Lara. This is some of the hottest real estate the country just one home in the neighborhood can cost millions of dollars and everyone wants to know what their famous neighbor mark Zuckerberg is up to. It's the great mystery, captivating silicon valley this morning. What in the world is mark Zuckerberg doing? The Facebook founder worth roughly $44 billion is tearing down four homes on his property. Neighbors want to know what he's up to. Could he be building his very own field of dreams? A lot of curiosity and some concern about what he's planning to do. Reporter: According to documents just filed with the Palo alto planning board he is going to rebuild the homes. Many speculating he wants more privacy and security. The public filings revealing those homes will be replaced with smaller updated versions that are designed to Nestle into gardens and celebrate the oak, redwoods and other trees on site. Zuckerberg's not the first tech titan to buy up the neighborhood in pursuit of privacy. Elon musk paid nearly $7 million in 2013 for a teardown across the street from his Bel Air mansion. That same year, yahoo!'s Marissa Mayer with a backyard described by "Vogue" magazine of having a lawn large enough to accommodate a skating rink reportedly spent more than $11 million on a property a few doors down from her Palo alto pad. But perhaps the most spectacular of them all, this five-acre estate in Seattle owned by the wealthiest man in the world, bill Gates. The texted out waterfront property boasts six kitchens, a 60-foot swimming pool with its own underwater music system and a library with secret bookcases. An existing home close to Gates' own home was removed to okay date a space for extra activities so this might be one of the anythings mark Zuckerberg is planning on. His four homes will be built concurrently to minimize the duration of construction and building elms will be fabricated remotely to ago sale rate on site construction and reduce impact on neighbors but I imagine they'll be peeking over the hens checking to see what's up. Sounds like they won't be able to see anything because they'll be very far away. Rebecca, thank you. Coming up on "Gma," who is

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{"duration":"2:32","description":"The Facebook CEO has filed documents saying he plans to replace the homes with \"smaller, updated versions.\"","mediaType":"default","section":"ABCNews/GMA","id":"39422076","title":"Mark Zuckerberg to Demolish 4 Homes on His Property","url":"/GMA/video/mark-zuckerberg-demolish-homes-property-39422076"}