Mary J. Blige on overcoming heartbreak and where she finds her strength

The hip-hop singer, who headlined the all-female lineup at Essence Festival in New Orleans, spoke with ABC News' Mara Schiavocampo about her divorce, learning to love herself and the importance of faith.
6:36 | 07/05/17

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Transcript for Mary J. Blige on overcoming heartbreak and where she finds her strength
It feels good it always feels good to be he would just so much love and good wood in. Just friends and needles my sisters and fines here you know classicism business and you know they hear it. Even Oprah going through a difficult personal time how are you doing right now I'm good I mean I'm not I don't like all of this is going island. You know I can't walk around and scream and cry might kill people although I want to what I can. So let you know will now. A lot of people like one of an office everything's everything's Alice time what is it that you want your fans to take from from having so honest about your humans pain. What. I think it won't keep things secret or we keep things inside. That we knew we need help with. They can kill us they can become cancerous thinking they can turn until a lot of things. So it's best just speak to somebody. Talk to somebody. Talk to somebody because you don't you will you die or you won't go crazy it's good so I just want you wouldn't know. Just it if you have an issue. You know you'll have to tell everything everybody which I don't telecommuting. But the things you know can he help with the you feel like you wanna just explored and I talked to some as you can't do alone it people he would. To help people can't help you. I don't think I was even. This career this job whatever it is that god has less neatly. Just two goal tool he Straus and suffered. In them myself. And I just think that this gift was getting to let someone out signal that you're not alone. It's my job to see you're not alone I'm suffering too unpalatable to have problems too I'm going through hill. And I feel like. It's so easy Julie had to be something god you know what game obstacles as something that's both. Companies. Suffer and I'm supposed to let people mill. And it is for me to get through to its is therapeutic for me is well. And here from the fans you see an island. Yeah music say only. Media that marry each item in the and it's on payment re able. It saved my life like this is a lot of like you say my life which is really keeps me in my room. Is that a hanging out all the time because so much I mean I have a life what does that job when people say things like you saved my life it's. A kept quiet have a good time but this is real. And this is not just about meat this is it helps somebody suffer in somewhere you know how thoughtful long time ago to radio station. And this girl she says she's back to trap a call for Clinton if she heard miles. I mean it doesn't sound real. Illness out wilting heat but this is the kind of stuff alone you know packet so. Is not bound and neither. Can you really tapped. Yeah but I'm you know and I'm I'm not always get it right though. You know that's probably why such people because I'm not trying to keep her feet I'm just living. Spotlight. What Mary today saint my life merry. You know sign asking the same question yes city and I spent that I would say to her. And because people of them. Winds and I think. She is ashes. I can't believe thinking to marry because she won't listen thing happen. Regime stubborn. Parable. She can't hear that he wanted to do so at least he just sixteen year old eight year old would have it he gets. About yours you awesome about different stages self esteem about your path. Won't use it women who are struggling. Tactic. Where once it understanding that this is it. He ADP listening mine. Seeks money Alec looked lately about look like but I have to cut some role some clothes everything after this is all head. And if I don't let them start shopping things wage cut things off and and then beyond happy Leah and I wanna be happy and in that you find you know. Start looking in the mirror and I like when all is gone and the violence. May not be Apple's own here. And tallied acutely. If all you've got. You looked amazing at the beach ports. Shut down thank you what do you doing right now in terms of fitness and nutrition they seem to be in a really strong place. I'm working now. For five days out of a week. Free. Dairy free. Refined sugar is high what do you I eat free. Details and stuff like that brown rice you know sweet potatoes brown rice. Lives. Does try to eat clean you know. Clean the good. And likable and a lot of water and train. Now in you have this new album territory now over the country and what can fans can afford to hear from you and in the months and years that are coming. Great now just albums since them. You know old touring the movie blood down is coming it's coming some momentum now Omon down in history it is getting a lot of real serious Oscar buzz and lot of heavy people are talking about it so. That's an and I and I'm definitely gonna do somewhat acting so people can look forward today. The title and an album and strength of one where you're trying your strength our guide. Korean. Strictly. Holding on to because people. They love you but if people just like you and elections ago. I know were expected is not an island eagle descent into hell. In the last ten years. Then that he held people don't even know about. And that's the only thing that kept me and it has me he would. Now and I think it's very important can't. Really use it I can't make it with I don't think you understand. That I wouldn't be here. My faith wasn't what it is strong as it was my feet thing because people would all just right down to people cannot help you. Only you and god know was illegal and which. And that's real and it's all it is it's it's a long place but it's not a lonely place.

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{"duration":"6:36","description":"The hip-hop singer, who headlined the all-female lineup at Essence Festival in New Orleans, spoke with ABC News' Mara Schiavocampo about her divorce, learning to love herself and the importance of faith.","mediaType":"default","section":"ABCNews/GMA","id":"48450665","title":"Mary J. Blige on overcoming heartbreak and where she finds her strength","url":"/GMA/video/mary-blige-overcoming-heartbreak-finds-strength-48450665"}