Mary J. Blige reacts to 'amazing' Oscar nomination

The "Mudbound" star told "GMA" she "never would have imagined" scoring a best supporting actress nomination.
3:47 | 01/23/18

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Video Transcript
Transcript for Mary J. Blige reacts to 'amazing' Oscar nomination
Gay pride for the movie but found she was just nominated not the ones but Clinton's own what Emmy award. What does threaten up congratulations. Just tell us they emotions at your feeling right now Mary. I won't mind and it. I don't feel awful. I'm so grateful that like five point five he Hamlet turned. It opted out that we body and I'm really grateful. Then I'm thankful I mean wow. That is abatement of me and I'm so happy. As a hello. As a young woman growing up in Yonkers did you ever have imagined a moment like this. I'd never would have imagined them all like it's not at I didn't see any at this I didn't see. Anything that it not not I'm not at all. I'm grateful. And it Mary. Looking yourself in the mirror but it all paid off talk a little bit about what you went there to play this role. America liked being out with a little comfortable with it. It came down to it that hair every bit at life. And it you know having been. He'll walk like the real effective you know act to protect. I am like that nothing comfortable you know attacked her. When he did things like that but you don't want that let mark live. He hit you'll be liberated me he would bring in the outlook April would be back at the parent be like these. He's the pocket he now win but it would've gotten so. You know they warrant that we did whip it what it what you will be it would make up on. An independent and marry you said that you were uncomfortable. That when you word going to be his role you have to strip itself tablet. What was your reaction when you first saw yourself in the fifth. Actor cried because I was not looking at my vote. I didn't know I didn't know well with its outlook in March it's packed ride. Someone else who lives. You know someone else let me with the Catholic. And Mary. Does the passion that went into this project. Do you read it. One of the more phenomenal now directed. Or so company in Seoul and we're. If he would pay and what all and it looked up and having. Been created but it being paid all but the work. Came down the carpet liked the heart art. Well actively. To people packed and and that that we actively. You know. So it would be made. He made it easy to act maybe apparently I would invading. You but it beautiful person. Statement that you may be with that these beautiful Burgundy and Clark. Marriott. Not saying who it was was really bad knee but that we man with you know plea to act. But not at bank is beautiful. But he did he is beautiful he's beautiful animals made it really be black. And Mary. Thank you so much to run a good morning Mary.

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{"duration":"3:47","description":"The \"Mudbound\" star told \"GMA\" she \"never would have imagined\" scoring a best supporting actress nomination.","mediaType":"default","section":"ABCNews/GMA","id":"52548906","title":"Mary J. Blige reacts to 'amazing' Oscar nomination","url":"/GMA/video/mary-blige-reacts-amazing-oscar-nomination-52548906"}