Meet the ABC News Off-Air Reporters on the Campaign Trail

Liz Kreutz, Josh Haskell and MaryAlice Parks have been following Hillary Clinton's every move on the trail and now they're sharing the highlights of that experience.
4:13 | 07/28/16

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Video Transcript
Transcript for Meet the ABC News Off-Air Reporters on the Campaign Trail
They'll join us in a moment behind the keeps with the candidates. Embedded with the candidates covering every angle, 24/7. Here's a look at their lives on the campaign trail. The 2016 democratic national convention, the culmination of months of nonstop campaigning and our dedicated ABC campaign reporters have been there from the beginning. No sleep till November. Let's say a lot of hotel points and frequent flier miles. Reporter: The Bernie buzz still going strong at the convention. Hillary Clinton must become the next president. Covering Bernie sanders was kind of like being at a music festival, with really excited people. Reporter: Now with Hillary Clinton as the official nominee, our reporters are sharing their most memorable moments on the trail. And the strategy behind her groundbreaking campaign. The number one question I get when I tell them I cover Hillary Clinton, do you like her. There's this fascination about who she is as a person and even though I think she's gun in the public eye for over 20 years people still feel like they don't know her. Something that Hillary Clinton does that many people watching on TV may not know is that she really does love to listen. Secretary Clinton will stop sometimes up to ten minutes, hear these particular issues and then call her staff over and say, can you take down this person's name and number. We're going to get in touch with you. Why don't we do it together, the two of you then we'll get a better shot. I don't think anyone could have expected how unique or exciting this election was going to be and just knowing we're on the front lines every day just makes it all worth it. And joining us now are the reporters you just met, elizabeliz kreutz, josh Haskell and Maryalice parks. I love this because -- full disclosure. Whose shoes are you wearing? Cecilia's. She's wearing Cecilia Vega's shoes. You went shopping yesterday. Yes. You all look great. But you're used to being behind the scene, wonderful to give you this kind of recognition. What are you seeing that folks at home aren't seeing. I have to admit today covering Clinton we don't get a ton of access. Over the past year and a half, covering Hillary Clinton I've seen her in so many intimate moments I can tell you she is a total policy wonk and super funny and loves to joke around. This time reminds me of a few months ago in California at a campaign event in the middle of her remarks and these two pranksters in the front row just started taking their shirts off and totally like were shirtless. She looked down and joked with them and said it's really distracting but as long as you don't take anything else off you can stay. You spent a lot of time with Bernie sanders and his movement. He was creating crowds like we haven't seen before. That must have been overwhelming. It was unbelievable. And even it started to become expected, it was really -- they never -- especially the organization you saw behind the scene, sometimes those crowds would come with 24, 36 hours' notice and so for vent, homemade signs and playing music. They'd lay out blankets and have wine and food. They came to party. They came to celebrate and it was really a community. He's the most improbable rock star. I watched college age girls scream and yell, u8d have thought they were saying Elvis, it was unbelievable. What's been the memorable moment for you, josh. The jefferson-jackson dinner in Iowa. Not this fancy din E. Pep rally, Bernie sanders supporters, Hillary Clinton supporters, 6,000 and I was there with Liz and Maryalice and it was so loud and the passion, Katy Perry was there for Hillary and Maryalice was like, josh, come over here, Bernie is in the stand, josh come over, there's Hillary Clinton and we were just running around chasing them like three kids given this incredible opportunity. It was pretty amazing. Well, you give us an opportunity to see them like we can't always do and just thank you so much. Thank you for your 24/7. You look great. You always look great but sometimes we didn't recognize them a little bit. Don't have all the camera gear. Thank you, guys. Of course, full coverage of the final night of the convention tonight, "World news" will be here, "Nightline," as well and the special at 10:00 P.M. Eastern, our whole political team will be here and watch the livestream all day long gavel-to-gavel coverage.

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{"duration":"4:13","description":"Liz Kreutz, Josh Haskell and MaryAlice Parks have been following Hillary Clinton's every move on the trail and now they're sharing the highlights of that experience.","mediaType":"default","section":"ABCNews/GMA","id":"40947008","title":"Meet the ABC News Off-Air Reporters on the Campaign Trail","url":"/GMA/video/meet-abc-news-off-air-reporters-campaign-trail-40947008"}