Meet the Other Barak and Michelle

Newly engaged couple Barak Malkin and Michelle Westmiller share first names with first family.
3:30 | 08/13/13

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Transcript for Meet the Other Barak and Michelle
The president first took office New Jersey native. Barack Malkin thought he would never hear the end of course of the fact that he had the same first name as the president of the United States turns out it only got worse. When he didn't met and fell in love and I'm not line here Michelle pop Y last Miller Barack. And then Michelle young couple they actually met at a seminar they -- long distance. Jersey for him California for her he proposed -- now the couple. Planning their wedding joining us now on -- the other Michelle. And Barack. Sky guy guy that turned up. Because it is so -- India are you can you hear us and better yet and we hear you. -- -- Bob this is wow that's a -- it's luxurious and technology park hey president. Then you get any better than. OK so how often especially -- in anything involving the to have you as a couple how often do you get the double take how often be here. Whenever we usually do -- -- ourselves you know Barack and Michelle and the. Yeah. Obviously you know my name he had his name -- -- easily pointed out. The months go by -- -- -- here and then he does laugh yeah a lot of the. Friends but some friends put her name in their -- mrs. Obama. Scenario yeah yeah consider any and every single friend thinks they're the first one and that malaria is -- You might though they needed to meet the president as life. Yeah. Can start right here yeah right yeah are we mailed to sort going to have a cheeseburger it. Aren't yet we do anything presidential theme that the lighting -- sort of we have a wink wink about any detail that the -- I look like -- -- in the Secret Service agent all of. And yeah. -- we're -- mennonite and then you know hope that they combat. Actually think that's really fighting -- deepest secrets are less. Good thing I hope you do not tell us Barack you want that you win you -- still wind the end of President Obama is. I was still Senator Obama running I mean. When it started when his campaign started to find traction where you. -- that would did you have a horse in the race so to speak. I am I had huge blow to every day where people -- -- -- -- -- -- very. Yeah. Talking to -- head to. Whose last name is Elliott who was in grade school when ET came outside. It all turns out he didn't -- this case and Larry. Yes -- somebody called and asked me and I said Brian he's elected president hasn't yet and it's what -- you -- items were you named after him yeah. -- -- -- Like forty resolve and. I so -- that wins the happy day. Next August off some. Aren't what can we check in with you just to make sure things are running. According to plan after all it's it's a very busy schedules that the yeah double -- That's hey everybody Barack and Michelle literally.

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{"duration":"3:30","description":"Newly engaged couple Barak Malkin and Michelle Westmiller share first names with first family.","mediaType":"default","section":"ABCNews/GMA","id":"19946597","title":"Meet the Other Barak and Michelle","url":"/GMA/video/meet-barak-michelle-19946597"}