Meet the Dad Who Recorded Daughter's Epic Selfie Spree

Father records the many faces of his selfie-obsessed daughter.
1:58 | 08/27/14

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Video Transcript
Transcript for Meet the Dad Who Recorded Daughter's Epic Selfie Spree
Anything you want. Next up in "Heat index." A selfie taking session. Hit epic proportions. Dad rob Beckham was driving. He noticed commotion in the backseat and realizes his daughter was on a selfie taking spree so we talked to rob and his daughter about this video going viral. Take a look. 13-year-old Skylar Beckham loves taking selfies and sending them to her friends. I probably take about like 50 a day. Normally she's the one in control of the camera but taking look at this. Dad rob Beckham with a sneaky selfie of his own secretly filming her at a stop sign posing and posing and posing. I looked in the rear view mirror and she's taking an epic selfie session. I laughed for a minute because she's totally enveloped in the whole thing. Reporter: He put it on Facebook and youtube where it quickly got over a million views and counting. It made me crack up laughing. That's why, first on Facebook then I put it on youtube hopefully to make other people crack up too. I hope that's happening because it's pretty funny. When I found out he was recording it I was just laughing at it. Reporter: Skylar is not mad at dad. These taking her newfound fame in stride. Dad, I look like a goofball. Of course you do. That's why I filmed it. She learned an important lesson as a social star. Try to make sure your parents aren't recording because this might happen to you. Or make sure your parents are recording. Exactly. We want to know if sour child obsessed with selfies tweet us with the #socialsquare. Has this happened with you. We haven't taken the pictures but do it all morning long. The weird faces. That's all I see on my little girl. She and her friends love doing it. He wasn't moving. At a stop sign. Next up on our "Heat index."

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{"id":25143026,"title":"Meet the Dad Who Recorded Daughter's Epic Selfie Spree ","duration":"1:58","description":"Father records the many faces of his selfie-obsessed daughter.","url":"/GMA/video/meet-dad-recorded-daughters-epic-selfie-spree-25143026","section":"GMA","mediaType":"default"}