Meet Michael Strahan's Squad: Jay Glazer and Latrael Mitchell

Strahan chats with his friend Jay Glazer and his personal trainer Latreal Mitchell at Unbreakable Performance in L.A. about their work ethic and secrets to success.
11:24 | 11/19/15

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Transcript for Meet Michael Strahan's Squad: Jay Glazer and Latrael Mitchell
Michael C. And it's here. I don't know have cut in could. All honorable still pretty is pregnant woman Amundsen found. The sweetest man has ever known yes Harris you've got to now I am I'll leave you because they heard you crest Atlanta. Didn't know yeah and that's not a good but I'd take you right now about the turned a party of everybody could Michael Strahan is here. Active GMA forty for 43. Obvious holes for this hour it today. I'm gonna get personal. I'm gonna get beat what mine I'm gonna show it shares of my favorite tips tricks in lessons. I've written about my notebook wake up happy Catherine Greig gas trust me want to stick around you don't want to myths. This all right. Jordan watching the ultimate line screening is so what you want life beaten breaking news from all across the place if you want big storms like people. One correction has. I think celebrities surprise hits if you wanna see the greatest GMA family. 8140. Hour marathon event. A new America this is GMA forty report is gonna be that nonstop. Clock forty years in forty hours he'll live stream continues. I welcome back to GM may do the GMA 4440 live stream Michael Strahan now we're approaching the 24 hour mark here in our time script studio. And you don't happen UV when you're up for 24 hours you start to get delirious what I've been up from a 20 Broward I am getting delirious but we're gonna keep this thing movement all right. We're calling this. Our life oh cording to spray the wake up. Happy playbook and probably serve some of the world I've written about in my new book. Wake up happy if you're also going to meet two of Michael to friends big wave upon fox NFL Sunday and lots real Mitchell who's my own personal trainer then. I think bill I want to talk into McVeigh may give some secrets about me if you're going to be an incredible magician his name is Dan White trust me he's gonna blow your socks off he might even take my socks off Ronald we know look at this tree that he does commands that good in next will have an afternoon snack when one of my favorite chef Dominique console. He's a guy he created the krona. Which I human love I told him when I met him it was like beaten L it's. And dobbs I hear he's brought them to his newest desserts for us to try I can't even wait because if he showed up empty handed out would have to send him away and I might even answer some of your tweets hopefully get some you tweak it and try to save some time that Phil remembered the tweet me. With he has tag GMA. Forty so let's get started the first rule from my book that I want to talk about if not if but win the secret to success lies not in look. But in the danger do every day. So not if but win when I run look at my life and her once if Michael you were football player for fifteen years the NFL and then you went to a lively Kelly Michael Knight here at GMA good fox argued clocks are that the thing. How do you have that success I think it comes down. To my father my father always said Nguyen my father never told me if Seoul. If fight it when we were doing something my that's it when you get a scholarship to go to college. And aptly what your high school football so was far fetched if I think about it now when you get high school scholarship the college scholarship when you bigoted NFL. When you're an all pro when you win a Super Bowl he never said if and I look back now I realize my father. Never let me doubt myself he always made me believing he had the ultimate fate that anything was possible. So now I attribute lot of my ability to do so many different things. To the fact that I don't think that anything is impossible. It may seem improbable but it is not impossible. And that's a way you have to pay. That it felt in my life and hopefully that tip from the book. When not if get help you. All right but we're gonna now get to have prompted talk the more the program I wanna before you anymore that so now. When introduce you. Until my best BFFs. You know Jay Glazer we'll have known for over twenty years. And Lott Joseph Mitchell my own personal trainer and air cover to other live from. Out there and LA though you two how are you to Billy. Penny. Okay. You hear a lot of flooding until I'm doing great my little buddy and Dell com. Don't cut it do to you sort of hard working people I know the date I'd I've known you for over twenty years now been like twin he. 2.3 nine for it didn't do you remember how he met. How to win. I certainly go your body. I think women Andrea Day fight. It out I don't do that you're not a got no I don't ever want to tell you are gonna make. Itself carried out Michael's birthday of the giants my first day the giants. This guy who's an executive with the giants he tries to hop this thank you like an old guy. Who's on the go out here Michael and of Gemma so what you'd like albino with the lazy guy. And the guy goes to trial confidence he gets book boom hit his face on the ground rolled down. Pat get stuck on the fences like the cartoons related birds are gonna run hadn't known one there when I was there. Got a piece shot and no one's laughing at this guy because the high. I have for the drive except for wake up. Happy she wake up out there. That's it. He would not at all he was laughing relaxing we bonded everybody all the comedy I'm glad that we thought Condit and anyone okay and make it clear date he would absolutely fine it would not that Robert him he wasn't hurt. That's why we're able to get little laugh you know comic somebody fall when you go how are your article on buying in the lap that's would have been like. And you're a grown man when the child left regard yet we kind of would laugh regardless if it now lie lie you don't like Dave. Yeah. Let. But that was not that was not very bright so we didn't laugh now for about 45 years and this review but really it's hard to find somebody in your life to be as an adult. You feel like you grew up with a home. And that's really how luck I've showed you yet to begin all along I mean green of 2015. At 22 years that almost 25 had to work at a map Wednesday it. My friend. But if you don't lock cock not a lot. When I don't mean it and nine at a camp yeah we're here traded don't know how to count and outdoor ribs while we're fit to perform like that with can't use it can't now to more. But a lot. They think you're working with Jay now and year running his dim amber it will performance that there and LA that you're trainer at another dim when I bet you we started working together. So how was it. When we first started working together. Did you look at me hollow laugh that clinical specimen of an athlete look at detonated the best person I've ever train. Whenever than your classroom and now that list and now now that's not the last thing I thought actually what I thought when I saw you effort every time you came into the gym. You did the same thing every time an outlet on my guy he needs a trainer he needs if you need someone I don't. So every summit on a day come many do the same little routine. Meld curls for the ground I had all the announce what are you dealing. So we finally side a working together and the first time that she did to us why remember that moment. There. Again you and semi automatic matter NSA Tillis got an outlet can your butt hit that your light. Do you mean what's wrong with you know is what can hit that nothing Elliott begin and it well and it isn't now doesn't it not to drop it like it's hot now. Quiet it exactly like I happen to. Yet that Liz. Battle of the opera's mom and I remember that and we've been together training together now. Where six yes yeah at least six here I've known you longer but it's. You have training laden audio evidently wanted to try to get over about six years. It but if any one thing like a lot of people will say okay Michael with a professional athlete and he's trained he worked out a get all those staying bit. I'm not if there is something that someone at home to do. And they have some that have really important for them to it maybe just a little switch in a mindset noose went to the diet naval exercise tip. That you can give them at least jumpstart our taco from routine. Well mindset is big day is the king a mindset I'll let him go into mindset and when it comes to fitness and your house. But my biggest thing is conscious eating so highlights for people to think about what you're eating before you put in your body all of all handled about him and morning. Abducting that you will wait when you do not conscious you'll wait. Could argue that it's hard and now. On and net and Don let me. Now delegates that and you little crown net because I heard about the meeting let's come. Coming up later having had to get New Delhi about the bad we eat yet written yet and now and you'll be in our latest weekend landing your crowd that issue the way back the contest eating. A cell like a president all I eat healthy I got up this morning I had a banana. You know really look at the big pitch in the bananas sugar so what you really taken in this morning to show their so you really want to look at the big picture and know what you're putting your body and why. And it's been that mom that you want the ship and then go for it by. Avoiding sugar and dairy and clean and that up would be like the biggest tip for nutrition. And hey what about. Five's that big thing to hit ever lie and I are great she's all about that eaten by helping the complete option. Electric in my view here everything that stopped right now Mike I'll never thought way to get never walk played but I'm a work out part of anybody else like kind of that way. But as a result when I've gone I've taken a whole no pain no gain thing. And thrown out the window and you know especially as you get older I'm just trying to get healthier and healthier arrived yet. Physically. Healthier my joints are and everything like that in my work I Kabila would better but I was in my work out my training is about. 2530 minutes but I just always which helps my heart's it would go like this about throughout the rest of the day. I continue to lose weight but the biggest thing is is involved. What motivate way I do all those. Almost days all the little things used as a squads the badges. I just take wade offered an end use different motions to make it easier in my joints but what motivate me what motivates you to work out day. A man of your stature you don't look to vacuum your ex look at the national. Look at how you look at you. I mean I've let Hamas you put this what motivates me honestly the camera angle look not oppose this video didn't spend just spent for the ladies. Very much I very much valuable lessons also that it never ever do that. It's not right you're by everyone from while. I just got trying to remind people that were not like them and when I mean if everybody should think that everybody should find what they. What makes it special makes them better in their minds than anybody else when they walk in the room and constant working for me I'm always raising my breaking point when a broad walk in the room. I can think to myself OK you know what I'm just exiting and that's good. Hey you think you're six feet tall and I think on the six much 612 are looking like it's. Another lesson that because of the dog. How might think a big thank you to all of you great figuring out from different yet Britain Italy. Mountain LA they don't seen as we can't tell mommy. Puts up mean little offended that I love you got outside they get sent need to give them that shouldn't clerics are we up the other players got a bite.

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{"duration":"11:24","description":"Strahan chats with his friend Jay Glazer and his personal trainer Latreal Mitchell at Unbreakable Performance in L.A. about their work ethic and secrets to success.","mediaType":"default","section":"ABCNews/GMA","id":"35292730","title":"Meet Michael Strahan's Squad: Jay Glazer and Latrael Mitchell ","url":"/GMA/video/meet-michael-strahans-squad-jay-glazer-latrael-mitchell-35292730"}