Mel B. Hints at a Spice Girls Reunion?

Scary Spice sat down with Katie to discuss her career and a possible reunion.
3:00 | 12/12/13

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Transcript for Mel B. Hints at a Spice Girls Reunion?
Marrying you and love and -- get our landfill biggest Philip Cowan of bug bit new dress down I think it is that I kid I -- and -- I feel like we're just kind of center around our kitchen and have a little. -- -- -- that can't a lot of the NH kids leave I everybody on our staff can sing that song of course they're -- huge. Spice Girls fans are you surprised -- songs still resonates after all these years why am surprised of the longevity of any song these days -- -- -- now on -- up -- office followed. Allen died out of the -- the -- introduced does a fine skills of the world and you know we rule -- -- It's a good out -- six when mr. Ryan I find is still -- it annoying really cool. -- that annoying songs -- -- good young magic but I can't get this stuff Thailand's. But I like -- meanwhile -- so -- -- eighteen year old girl from -- -- -- how does that happen how do you become a spice girl. Q I don't really know how it. Actually don't happen it just kind of didn't. You know we while I was going to audition is -- in London. God for many many years like struggling in the down -- -- asked us as a thing physically you always wanted to be an energy. Always going to be in the instant -- I thought it was my calling just to be sent them on very loud noise that -- big -- spending because it. They now -- what is it -- that business one way -- another I found. The of the guilty kind of regrouped and gone selves together that we -- together -- is run an office and second album. Money to find Simon -- And we said -- we want to be every -- we want -- until Allah and the port deal's up that feeling lonely authenticity that yeah. And then. That -- TV if you think. When you. Think about the future -- -- -- -- Spice Girls reunion I know that everybody's calling asking about fat I'm always the best one to say yes The Spice Girls are gonna get back together. So I'm I'm calling a model -- when we all gonna do something. We often.

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{"id":21194836,"title":"Mel B. Hints at a Spice Girls Reunion?","duration":"3:00","description":"Scary Spice sat down with Katie to discuss her career and a possible reunion.","url":"/GMA/video/mel-hints-spice-girls-reunion-21194836","section":"GMA","mediaType":"yahoo only"}