'Millionaire Matchmaker' Finds Her Own Match

Patti Stanger and David Krausse tell the story of how they became a couple.
5:21 | 03/20/13

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Video Transcript
Transcript for 'Millionaire Matchmaker' Finds Her Own Match
chatting here with tv's most famous matchmaker. Can't get enough of watch patti stanger find love for others on her matchmaker show. Last night she introduced us to the new man in her life, david krause. We'll talk to them in their first live interview ever together but first a look at their story. Love, everyone wants it but not everybody finds it. That's my job. Patti stanger is known for setting up well-to-do singles on her show "the millionaire matchmaker" all with a heavy dose of straight talk and tough love. Meet my millionaire! With a little tough love -- are you kidding me? A lot of patience and an eye for the right chemistry, I make the perfect match. She could do it for others but true love had eluded patti until now. Last night she revealed she finally met her own match. I met this amazing guy david, he's 42. He's a dad. He's got kids. Reporter: Patti found mortgage broke enand former baseball player online and they've been dating for nearly a year and last night she let her audz yensz in her her little supreme court. I felt like going online dating and registered. Reporter: The best part, patti's new love had no idea who she was when they started dating. It wasn't until she knew he was really interested in her t she revealed who she really was. Spend this kind of money on me. Everybody loves a love story and welcome the millionaire matchmaker patti stanger and her boyfriend david krause. Welcome to "good morning america." Thanks. Thanks for having us. I love this story because you've helped so many people. Thank you. And you look very, very happy. Oh, thanks. Thank you. Thank you. Dating now for about a year. Uh-huh. Very last spring. Spring. And there are a lot of reports that say there are very exciting news. Well, okay, first of all, i know the report is that we're engaged. We're not yet but maybe you watch the finale and you'll see something. There's no ring. I have a promise ring. I have a promise ring that's nice. Because we moved in pretty soon, right, so that was the reason why, yeah. I want to ask you, david, you did not know about patti's job and life when you met her. So how was that adjusting? That was just so -- so crazy because I've never experienced anything like it before in my life. On our second date we went to the getty museum in los angeles and we were having a great time and suddenly -- soon these people started asking for her -- to take pictures with her. What is going on here? This is the oddest thing and i didn't ask any questions because I figured she'd let me know when she was ready. Right. And then that night I raced home and googled, what's going on. Who am I dating. You've got to be kidding me. Was it a bit of an adjustment for you? Did it sort of set you back like this is the millionaire mahmaker. I felt like such a moron for not knowing who she was. I remember calling her the next day, god, I feel like such a fool. I don't think any need. His 14-year-old daughter kind of helped him. She knew who I was on the radar and he kept saying are you really like that in real life? Do you really scream and yell at Is she the same personou see on tv? Oh, well, that's -- every now and then. Sortf lurking in there. Right? Think of it like a pilot light if it gets -- it might get hot. Like you don't have a temper. I thought it was interesting you chose to meet online. Yes. Oh, so the reason was is i would have -- one of the steps was to date online and I'm FRIENDS WITH jenny McCarthy and ricki lake and they had both done this and said, listen, i didn't meet the one but I had a great time. You der in life and you're like where do I meet people anymore? Everybody is hooked up and there wasn't that many catches like in l.A. And so I got to expand my net and expanded it to orange county. For me that's a big deal. Part of why it's working you both want the same things, both have the same deal breakers. We'll find out how well it's working with a little game we call "perfect match." Are you ready? Oh, my god. We're going to ask a question and before the show we asked you these questions and we'll find out how well you know each other. We begin with patti. You get the first question. What is david's favorite food? Oh, ice cream. Any specifics? Oh, I don't -- do you have a specific flavor? Vanilla is his favorite flavor. Answer. It is, in fact, vanilla. I was just seeing. You're the match maker. He's a yogurt boy so I was thrown off by that. Is patti an early bird or night owl? Easy question, night owl. The answer is -- da, da, da, da. One more. What is the craziest thing you have done together? Keep it clean. Skinny-dipping in miami. And the answer is -- that is -- I'm thinking this is going to work. I think the millionaire match maker has found another match. Thank you very much. We will be watching that finale. What a tease. Check it out on bravo "millionaire matchmaker." Get patti's tips on how to avoid the top five mistakes people make on first dates.

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{"duration":"5:21","description":"Patti Stanger and David Krausse tell the story of how they became a couple.","mediaType":"default","section":"ABCNews/GMA","id":"18771595","title":"'Millionaire Matchmaker' Finds Her Own Match","url":"/GMA/video/millionaire-matchmaker-patti-stranger-finds-match-david-krausse-18771595"}