Movie Studio Fights Back over Matt Damon Environmental Film

New movie "Promised Land" creates controversy in debate over natural gas drilling.
2:28 | 01/05/13

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Video Transcript
Transcript for Movie Studio Fights Back over Matt Damon Environmental Film
new matt damon movie. It's called "promised land." It weighs into the controversy of natural gas drilling. The industry is punching back. The studio is calling this propaganda. And mark greenblatt is all over the story. Reporter: This is a movie that drew fire months before it hit the theaters. Now that it is there and has begun playing, parts of the energy industry are bringing the fight inside the theaters themselves. "Promised land" with matt damon hit theaters in late december. But already has the energy industry blasting away at it. In the film, damon plays an employee for a big corporation, trying to convince small town landowners to lease their land for flaking, controversial tural gas drilling that can lead to fortunes. You could be a millionaire. Reporter: But at what cost? My farm is gone. The land turned brown and died. Reporter: Now, the real-life industry is digging in. Not for gas. But for a fight. Calling the movie unfair. The movie presents an oversimplification. It doesn't do justice to the full spectrum of benefits we're seeing natural gas provides. Reporter: One industry group is running commercials in three out of four theaters in pennsylvania, just before the movie begins playing. Get the facts about natural gas developments. Reporter: Celebrities, have joined the campaign against fracking. I love my new york water. Stop fracking with it. Reporter: It's a cause that grew in momentum after the success of the award-winning 2010 documentary, "gasland." Our water was good before they started drilling. When they were done, it was bad. Reporter: Back then, the industry battled back, denying potential dangers to human health. What a spokesperson did in this interview with dan harris. Aren't people getting very sick living near natural gas drilling operations? I don't know that there have. Reporter: For their part, the makers of "promised land" say they are not taking sides in the debate. We wanted to make a movie about american identity. We didn't want to give answers. We wanted to start a conversation. Some environmentalists aren't happy with "promised land" saying they don't think the movie goes far enough to ize fracking. Maybe the movie is a success in getting people talking.

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{"duration":"2:28","description":"New movie \"Promised Land\" creates controversy in debate over natural gas drilling.","mediaType":"default","section":"ABCNews/GMA","id":"18138315","title":"Movie Studio Fights Back over Matt Damon Environmental Film","url":"/GMA/video/movie-studio-fights-back-matt-damon-environmental-film-18138315"}