NASA Raises Possibility of New Zodiac Sign

The space agency claimed there are actually 13 signs of the zodiac.
10:22 | 09/26/16

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Transcript for NASA Raises Possibility of New Zodiac Sign
And we have a special guest this morning. Please welcome golden globe-winning actress Gina Rodriguez. Oh, thank you. A great way to start the week, right? I know. And you're going to start us out with something that was introduced to me by my daughter, Harper. She was poring over what I thought was high row grlifics. I said, we have to talk about this. This is breaking news. Does anybody believe in astrology? Their sign? Gina, do you? Are you a Leo? I'm a lee Crowe. A lion. I no longer am. Hold your lion. Something has happened. Nasa declared there are not 12 but 13 astrological science. But 1 seemed neert years ago and they left one out. Nasa says they just did the math. The sun and the axis is spinning differently. So -- so they made some changes. You don't have to follow it. You went just far enough. The 13th sign is called op hr ophiucus. Your birthday is what? July 30th. July 30th. So, you -- your whole life you've been a Leo. No, sorry, honey. You'I'm a crab. You're a crab. You have to choice. I did not like this news. George is no longer. He thought he was all light and fabulous, an aquarius. You're not a capricorn. Right. Not happy. But, but -- I will say the good news, though in all of this is you do get to adopt the positive characteristic trait of your new sign. I was a Libra. Now I'm a Virgo. Which, apparently, are intelligent and modest, which I may not have been before. Nice one. Nice one. But I gotta -- Another problem is you have to get rid of the tattoo you had before. I need -- Oh. You had that big one across your back. Those scales I had. I'm upset about this, though. I am, too. I'm a little loathe to admit it. I read my horoscope every morning. I feel like it's so me. I do. It's identity. I'm aaquarius. I'm not a capricorn. Well, then, you keep on believing, girl. I know you read it every morning, but that's -- there's a whole thing kind of -- Nasa says -- It's ridiculous. Right. Before you freak out, please keep in mind, atrostrology is not real science. No. I love how nasa is weighing in. I'm disappointed in the babylonians all those years ago. How could they screw that up. What were they thinking? They were trying to be neat. Since you have now slammed the babylonians, we can move on the a more inspiring story. That's right. We have a very inspiring story. Tammy Mcrae works at carver elementary school in the cafeter cafeteria, she lost over 100 pounds eating the food she served her students. She's joining us this morning from baytown, Texas. Good morning, tammy. Congratulations. You look awesome. Tell us what made you decide to push -- Thank you so much. That's so nice of you to say. What made you push for the change in your life? Well, I was 260 pounds. And I got a job as a nutrition manager. But then I realized I wasn't very nutritious. So I decided to make a change. Start being a part of my own life. That's what made me want to -- lose the weight. For my kids that I had to inspire to eat better. I thought, well, let me join them. I love it the. You did it so successfully. Losing over 100 pounds. Is the only thing you did was to eat the food you served your students? Did you make any other changes in your life? No. I just stuck to the menu at our school. Wow. Wow. Noidding? I want to ask you, how has this weight loss, how has this nutrition change changed your life? Well, I -- am now part of my own life. I go fishing. I mow my own lawn. And I just say for anyone else out there thinking of making a change, go for it. Yeah. Be a part of your own life. Congratulations, tammy. You look fantastic. Thank you for inspiring us this morning. Nutritional food at the school. You have recently spoken out aens photo shopping. Speaking out, talking about it. Amazing people that have been part of my career journey they look at unrealistic expectatio expectations. We're bombarded by images that constantly remind us that we're not skinny enough, don't work hard enough. Artists are contributing to that by not standing up and presenting themselves. I think the young girls that are part of my awesome journey, I want them to know I'm battling the same ins kuecurities pip look at a magazine cover, it doesn't look like me, that can be damaging to myself. When it looks like me, I think, there I am. I am enough. So important for young girls to hear that. Absolutely. I had a chance to meet you backstage. You have a glowing personality. You said you would like to be the first Latina Oprah? Can you give us your best Oprah impersonation? I love bread! I do, I do. I think what's beautiful about Oprah, not only does she inspire everyone across the board, but her ability to bring together a community, have outlets, have a voice for the community. And Latinos in the country, 65 million plus. Under the umbrella of Latino, there are many different cultures. We deal with the same reputation and struggle living here in America. Where you're born here or come across for the American dream. That kind of unity is needed. Especially now during the campaign. Your show is such a big hit. Have you felt that community come together behind you? Sure. I feel the love from every community. I could not be more grateful for that. We all want the same things. Love, happiness, success. Really, our skin color only defines how much pigment we have. You're not -- you have a new movie out, "Deepwater horizon president" let's take a look. Original. Cool. We might need to rebuild. Stand up higher, we can jump out further. We're going jump over the fire. Yes. Trust me. The real story. Tell us about your character. I play Andrea. She was an officer on the oil rig during the oil spill. A young Latina, right out of university. She was one of the only females on the oil rig during the explosion. I feel great to feel be able to play her. Courageous. Brave. One of the survivors. The film is about the human lives we lost. Celebrating them. Paying tribute to them. During the oil spill, we were familiar with the environmental crisis. The oil in the what person the mans covered. We never talked about the lives that were lost. The 11 lives that were lost and the -- the -- it's so interesting, this idea of ordinary people doing extraordinary things. We're all ordinary. We're all, you know, equal. We're all capable of extraordinary things. It's great to see that on screen. Peter berg is brilliant. Kurt Russell, John malkovich, Kate Hudson, mark Wahlberg. Thank you for bringing the most delightful, positive energy on a Monday morning. I love your energy. I love your smile. If you want to be Oprah, I have no doubt you will. Here she comes. No, I'm kidding. I don't. Gina Rodriguez, everybody.

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{"id":42358503,"title":"NASA Raises Possibility of New Zodiac Sign","duration":"10:22","description":"The space agency claimed there are actually 13 signs of the zodiac.","url":"/GMA/video/nasa-raises-possibility-zodiac-sign-42358503","section":"GMA","mediaType":"default"}