NFL responds to Gisele Bundchen's claim of Tom Brady concussions

The NFL said there are "no records" that indicate New England Patriots quarterback Brady sustained a concussion last season, contradicting a public assertion by Brady's wife.
6:16 | 05/18/17

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Transcript for NFL responds to Gisele Bundchen's claim of Tom Brady concussions
Back now with that revelation from Gisele bundchen saying her husband, patriots qb Tom Brady played with a concussion last year but NFL records state the team never reported that, so it raises some questions. ABC's Paula Faris is here with more on all this. Good morning, Paula. Good morning, robin. A whole lot of questions. Gisele says Tom suffered a concussion last year but the problem with that is the NFL has no documentation so either it was not reported which could be punishable or it didn't happen but, remember, this information is coming directly from his wife who knows him better than anyone else. It's not the most like let's say an aggressive sport, right. Football like he had a concussion last year. Reporter: This morning Gisele bundchen's surprise revelation that her new England patriots quarterback husband Tom Brady had a concussion during his 2016 super bowl winning season has many NFL fans wondering if true, why wasn't it reported? If Tom Brady hid a concussion during the regular season, that's a big problem. Reporter: In an interview with CBS "This morning" on Wednesday, the former supermodel says Brady has had several concussions. That kind of aggression like all the time, that cannot be healthy for you, right? Reporter: But during the 17 seasons with the patriots, Brady's never been listed with a concussion. Even after being sacked 137 times in the past 4 seasons. The NFL telling ABC news "There are no records that indicate that Mr. Brady suffered a head injury or concussion or exhibited or complained of concussion symptoms." But they add they're working with the NFL players association to gather more information from the club's medical staff and Mr. Brady. According to the league's concussion protocol, concussions sustained during the regular season must be reported to the league, but not concussions occurring during the preseason or the super bowl. Brady who turns 40 in August has not missed a game due to injury during 2008? He says he plans on playing till he's 45 though he says his wife wants had him to retire now. If it was up to my wife she would have me retire today. She told me that last night three times. When Gisele says something like this about her husband you have to pay attention. If all this is true I would expect there would be fines. All right, this morning no comment from the new England patriots or Brady's camp but this is significant because the league requires injuries to be reported regardless of whether a player is expected to miss playing time. Why? Because they want to protect the integrity of the game and I know, Michael, the story is right in your wheelhouse so we'll send it over to you. ESPN's Stephen a. Smith is going to join us now. Stephen, this is coming from one of the closest people in his life, his wife. Should we assume it's true. Yes. If so, is it possible that the team just chose not to disclose it. It's possible. You would know that better than anybody. There's no question it's possible but at the same time it's also very, very possible that Tom Brady did a tremendous job disguising it. You have a football player which you know better than me, you do not want to come out of a game. You want to play, particularly with games that matter and we know new englan history, most of their games matter because they're usually winning. If you are Tom Brady you don't want to come out of a game but stay in it and if you can disguise it fine but the doctors, the athletic trainers, no one picked up on it in his enti entire career. The NFL and NFL P.A. Will be looking into it. Gisele said it -- I'm going to go with the wife. Okay, you can disguise it from everybody but not your wife. I'm pretty sure about that. All the headlines they've made over the last few years how does this affect them going into the season. It doesn't affect them in terms of what the NFL is going to do because at most he'll probably get a fine because you won't be able to pinpoint what lies may have taken place. Tom Brady can take the bullet and say, hey, I didn't let them know. It could be as simple as that. In the end spygate, deflategate and then something like this comes up, it's another element where the patriots find themselves in a position where their integrity is being questioned. You're supposed to report these things to the league. There are going to be people out there that question and it's going to be the NFL, questioning whether or not the patriots will own up to this regard but football players historically try and lie about concussion issues. They always have and they always will whether you're broke or rich. Successful or not. NFL wants to make the game safer. That's one of the biggest things. Concussions is the biggest issue as far as safety is concerned in the public eye. You think the NFL just a little fine or doesn't say anything or -- No, no. They have to do something. How can -- what are you going to do, 2000, did you have a concussion in 2009? What about when you lost to the giants? How about when you beat Seattle? When exactly did you have these concussions? I'm trying to be here for you. I appreciate that. What are you going to do? You can't pinpoint when the truth was told and when lies were told. In the end that's why it's going to come down to a fine because there's nothing -- there's nothing concrete as a matter of fact I'd be surprised if there was an actual fine. He could say, hey, they didn't know. I couldn't tell them. The wife was right. You think the patriots respond to this? Do you think Brady responds. Tom Brady responds and the patriots will say we have no knowledge whatsoever. We thought he was absolutely fine. We received no indication that he had this issue. And who is going to deny it? What, did he have a concussion in the super bowl? Came back from a 28-3 deficit. Please, last time I checked if he had a Cobb a whole bunch of quarterbacks should have concussions. Well, you know what -- Just the truth. Oh, Stephen a. Smith, stop it. Stop it. Well, you know what, Gisele says she wanted him to retire. He says she wants him to retire now. This kind of maybe puts a little pressure on him. He's not retiring. Stefon Gilmore, you retain Malcolm -- you're the reigning super bowl champions and still have Bill Belichick coaching. Tom Brady is not going anywhere unless an injury takes place. He said the wife wants him to retire but last time I checked he's still playing. I don't think he's going anywhere any time soon. You're not going anywhere either. Stephen a. Smith, thank you.

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{"id":47481847,"title":"NFL responds to Gisele Bundchen's claim of Tom Brady concussions ","duration":"6:16","description":"The NFL said there are \"no records\" that indicate New England Patriots quarterback Brady sustained a concussion last season, contradicting a public assertion by Brady's wife. ","url":"/GMA/video/nfl-responds-gisele-bundchens-claim-tom-brady-concussions-47481847","section":"GMA","mediaType":"default"}