Oklahoma State Basketball Player Shoves Fan in Loss

Marcus Smart received a technical foul after an altercation with a Texas Tech fan.
3:00 | 02/09/14

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Video Transcript
Transcript for Oklahoma State Basketball Player Shoves Fan in Loss
Now to a wild scene on a college basketball court. A player and a fan getting into it. It is not the first time Oklahoma state's Marcus Stewart has shown his temper. But was he at fault here. Michelle is on the story. He took a pass playing professional basketball, and his welcome return to the courts now tarnished by an altercation with a fan in the stands. In the final moments against Texas tech, adrenaline turned into altercation between Marcus smart and a fan in the stands. An out of bounds move that marred the game and could land the Oklahoma state star in the hot seat. Smart was trying to block a shot with just seconds on the clock when he landed in the crowd. Officials say it appears words were exchanged before he was shoving the fan. He received a technical fan, and now the coach and commissioner will be reviewing the tape to see what if any other disciplinary action should be taken. Smart, considered one of the top drafts for the NBA last year decided to stay on the college courts for his sophomore year. It's early reminiscent in the malice in the palace when a brawl broke out between players and fans after fan John green threw a cup at Ron artiz, now known as Metta world peace. However, this may not be such a cut and dry case. Witnesses to the altercation as well as Marcus smart himself, claim that Jeff Orr was yelling racial slurs at the player. The incident is under review. This young athlete's public perception and possible basketball future in jeopardy by this unfortunate move. What's next? The big 12 conference says it hasn't had an incident like this before involving a player and a fan. The commissioner is going to review the incident along with the conference's rules for sportsmanship. Thank you. Now to a high-end fashion

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{"duration":"3:00","description":"Marcus Smart received a technical foul after an altercation with a Texas Tech fan.","mediaType":"default","section":"ABCNews/GMA","id":"22431148","title":"Oklahoma State Basketball Player Shoves Fan in Loss","url":"/GMA/video/oklahoma-state-basketball-player-shoves-fan-loss-22431148"}