New Onesie Suit for Men Tailored for Lazy Professionals

Cap: Inventor Jesse Herzog created "Suitsy" so he could feel like he was wearing pajamas to work.
2:44 | 09/19/14

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Transcript for New Onesie Suit for Men Tailored for Lazy Professionals
#Socialsquare. And a game-changer to men's fashion. It's called the suitsy. Think of the onesie. It's a suitsy. George is wearing one now. It's created by real estate developer Herzog. It could bring new comfort to clothing. Jesse is here. Shorts and a t-shirt there. You're going to put it on. But as you do it, tell us the reason behind it. Why you came up with the idea and why. I was at work. I need a way to look professional but feel like I'm in my pajamas at the same time. And it's a more efficient way to get ready in the morning. Oh, my god. Put this on. It does look like a suit. Yeah, people don't know. Really good. Is it made with spandex? You look comfortable and moving. It's very comfortable. It's not lined, so light and easy to wear. These are fake sleeves here. It's not actually lined with a shirt. It's easy. Can we have George stephanopoulos weigh in on this. I'm just dumbfounded on television. That was awesome. I'll take dumbfounded as a compliment. We had guys from the "Shark Ta tank" weigh in. I heard about the suitsy, the brand new idea. Good news and bad news. The bad news is "Gma" has sharks to come to. We know everything. This is not a brand new idea. Sorry about that. Now, here's the good news. There is no brand new ideas out in the market. There's nothing you're going to create that is new. It's all going to be about pricing and positioning. How to market it? College kids or a sloppy guy who doesn't like getting dressed. Or a farmer, instead of overalls, he wants to look fabulous on his tractor. Good luck. You heard it from the sharks first. I respectfully disagree. I haven't seen one adult onesie on the market yet. This is a first. Are you going to put it out there? It's out there, bay that It's like the kickstarter for clothing. They can buy them if enough people want one. How much? A suit and a shirt for $600, suitsy, $375. $375? Yes. Less than a suit. How much did that suit cost? You had me -- I think it's a deal. Everybody I've talked to at work says this is a deal for a suit. Can you show us how quickly you can get out of it? It's like Superman. I can. Thank you, Jesse. Have to move on.

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{"duration":"2:44","description":"Cap: Inventor Jesse Herzog created \"Suitsy\" so he could feel like he was wearing pajamas to work.","mediaType":"default","section":"ABCNews/GMA","id":"25623573","title":"New Onesie Suit for Men Tailored for Lazy Professionals","url":"/GMA/video/onesie-suit-men-tailored-lazy-professionals-25623573"}