Oprah Winfrey Kicks Off 'Oprah's the Life You Want Weekend'

The media mogul discusses what this epic passion project means to her.
4:34 | 08/07/14

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Video Transcript
Transcript for Oprah Winfrey Kicks Off 'Oprah's the Life You Want Weekend'
Guess what, Oprah Winfrey could be coming to an arena near you soon. She is kicking off Oprah's "The life you want" weekend next month. I sat down with her earlier this week to hear all about it. So we hear that you start every day with tea. I do. So we thought we'd have tea for two while we chat. I thank you. Oprah chai and I start every morning. It turned out to be a special thing. I never had a real ritual before and now it is so thank you for thinking of me. This is wonderful. Delicious. So I was so impressed. I watched your invitational video for your "The life you want" weekend. Yes. And I could see the emotion in your face. Ah. This is truly a passion project for you. Why is it so important? Well, it's what I've always wanted to do, Amy, and now to be able to speak one-on-one to audiences, going on the road and actually talking to people about how they can actualize the life that they want for themselves. And you had that daily connection obviously with the Oprah show of we know your fans miss you terribly so this is an amazing way for them to reconnect with you. Yeah, I have to say your next question is going to be, do you miss the show? You knew it. Oh, see. No, no, of course, because it's an obvious question. Miss? No. What I do miss is that connection. I think since 1994 or something, I started doing after-shows where I would sit with the audience. Every day I had my own personal focus group with people who would come from all over the United States, talking about ideas and issues that were important to them. And that was the best part of the day for me. Your message live the life you want. Are you living the life you want? Well, actually I just said to one of my assistants this morning, I said, maybe after this tour and listening to myself for eight weeks, maybe I'm really then going to have the life I want. I want -- but I'm closer than -- I'm closer than I've ever been because like everybody, I find it difficult to balance, you know, what you really want and so that whole weekend with deepak Chopra, with Elizabeth Gilbert, with rob bell, mark is all about helping people to figure it out. It's just sort of like guideposts and then you make your own decision. In honor of your tour we'd like to do a lightning round calling it the life Oprah has so quick answers to some questions like first thing that pops into your head. I hope I don't fail. What did you Google last? What did I Google last? A book. If you had a superpower what would it be with. It would be to heal people's hearts and get people to know themselves. What was your last purchase. A physical thing? Yep. Like at a store? Yeah. It could be online. Okay like -- I don't shop online. Ever. I don't. Wow. I don't. That's probably healthy. Oh, I would be lost in that if I started that. The last thing was a great chair for my den. What's your guilty pleasure. My guilty pleasure is on the sofa with a bag of those new things, they're call -- I thinked they're called potato crisps. New to me. I think I'm eating those too. What's your secret talent? I don't have one. I really don't have one. Okay. I wish I had a hobby and one day I was in the tub and I love bathing so much I think, bathing is my hobby. Your secret hobby. Oh, my god, I'm good at it. Imam so good at bathing. I love this next question. What was your biggest fashion mistake? Oh, my gosh. 1992 when I got my hair cut and then I had to go speak before congress. Oh, my god. I looked like little red riding hood without the hood. Thank you for playing. I love all the whole time you're like there was a time limit. Like "Jeopardy." I was trying to think of something interesting. Who cares about my chair? I was trying to make it funny. You know, all of a sudden I think I'm a comedian. I have to be funny and I didn't purchase anything funny. Just a chair. I like it. It was real and it was honest and that's all we can ask for. Are you supposed to be honest or make stuff up. I think you're supposed to be honest but we would never know and Oprah, thank you so much for joining us. All right.

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{"duration":"4:34","description":"The media mogul discusses what this epic passion project means to her.","mediaType":"default","section":"ABCNews/GMA","id":"24877415","title":"Oprah Winfrey Kicks Off 'Oprah's the Life You Want Weekend'","url":"/GMA/video/oprah-winfrey-interview-2014-life-weekend-kicks-off-24877415"}