Oscar Pistorius Trial: Forensics Take Center Stage

Prosecution and defense offer different theories in analyzing bullet holes in the bathroom door.
3:00 | 03/13/14

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Transcript for Oscar Pistorius Trial: Forensics Take Center Stage
With the repeated headaches of a cricket bat. The prosecution tried to hand holes and Oscar the stories his version of events that night he killed his model girlfriend -- -- camp. I'm -- for the better. In his bail hearing these stories stated fully realized it was his lover not intruders locked inside that bathroom he -- -- down with these then. A police forensics expert took the stand for the prosecution. Asking to demonstrate held the door was smashed -- Back door is crucial evidence -- ABC's chief legal analyst Dan Abrams it. Tells the story. Of who would swear. Where the bullets. Came from where Oscar the story -- was when he swung this cricket -- And prosecutors believe it helps demonstrate he's -- He says he went back to his bedroom after the shooting screaming for help put his prosthetic legs upon. Goes back and then -- the door down. Prosecutors. Say that's not what the evidence and that the war shows -- self styled. Fastest man on no feet that was now being painted as a lawyer a -- For nearly a decade -- -- inspiration to south Africans and to millions across the world. These stories was born without fabulous -- to -- his mobility. His parents had his legs amputated -- -- Just China. It was kind of luck you've got prosthetic -- that's very Nazi Brothers gonna permissions. You put your big -- if you go. These stories never -- even when his mother tragically died when he was just fifteen. With those prosthetic leg she would go on to dominate the Special Olympics in Athens in 2000 -- Test -- -- When he twelfth after years of lobbying. It was allowed to compete with able bodied athletes in the bonding games elevating the Olympian to almost mythological status and then the country's inspiration. -- for a blonde beauty into reality star. It seems -- a storybook global figure. -- as far as -- In the country's royal couple played well in the tablets. Their pictures splashed everywhere passion seemingly -- very quickly Revis -- camp started spending more and more time in his home in the silver which development. -- Valentine's Day 2013 that shoot Steen camp which did in two stories was charged with murder. And for the past eight days in court. The blade runner has sent their on the front bench the prosecution describing him as an ego maniac obsessed with fast cars guns. And perhaps his girlfriend. But from the start he insisted he was in this not -- -- -- that he's been solitary but never still. So often anguished the runner's hands clasping his ears and head they had sagging to -- -- Mine. And on Friday and Monday -- visceral reaction to the pathologists testimony I tried to open anyway and -- silence blogs. First came to -- then direction the ice bucket slid over to -- Then that handkerchief covering the -- face. Earlier in the trial we heard the ear witness accounts of the screams heard from that the stories his home late that night. She had picked -- -- I think that female. Screaming the -- And -- we started to date cleaning his -- to watch -- -- hunt is for Mueller's testimony. Those frequent swings at the bullet -- to war but under cross examination. Has he done case from different distances it was at the door that seem to be dismantled -- police credibility. -- -- -- -- -- -- -- his attorney Barry -- you know asking -- overrule it first to get to his knees and try to swing from there the defense is trying to show. That -- messed up this investigation. That the evidence wasn't cared for. That there may have even been corrupt police officers involved in this case the prosecution -- -- have two very different theories of what happened. Liked history is shot and killed in camp. So we ABC news but the -- size model pistol races held. Based on the floor plans released in court. That's ABC's -- Roebuck and Dan Abrams prosecutors believe it was a fight that witnesses could hear the fight. From outside these windows that were open. They believe read -- then flees to the bathroom he comes around to this side of the bed grabs his gun and then goes after -- And in chases -- into the back historians fires four times. Three of those shots hates dean can't in the hip elbow and in the -- it. The defense insists -- stories fired his nine millimeter pistol at what he was an intruder. But even his version of events in which he insists he's innocent of murder could still put him in hot water. Even if you mistakenly kill someone in terms of a little. That -- -- one -- negligence is sufficient to sustain a conviction on culpable homicide. Culpable homicide carries -- to a fifteen year prison sentence here. -- mistresses -- out -- -- eight times before -- -- gauntlet of media and onlookers but today they have been -- -- -- in court. But outside every day. Ended with rock star suites. And this is the first time that you've ever been able to -- Yesterday we cut up with a group of girls their partner first glimpse. Of 19 on his last. This -- -- generally you watch it basically all they live it 24 hours of Oscar the stories -- is. Can you get enough of Oscar the story is -- love. We got an inside look at that -- Pumping out fifteen hours of all things to stories every day John -- one of its anchors how obsessed. Our south Africans with his story. I think the becoming more of six the sizzle when you search people's bodies of Africans we haven't had this kind of access to court proceedings before. Especially about it from a -- of the significance. Putting the -- goes along I think the more interest of people becoming. And -- -- peak when the blade runner himself finally takes the stand. To explain how he took his mom's life I'm Matt Gutman for Nightline in Pretoria South Africa.

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{"id":22895148,"title":"Oscar Pistorius Trial: Forensics Take Center Stage ","duration":"3:00","description":"Prosecution and defense offer different theories in analyzing bullet holes in the bathroom door.","url":"/GMA/video/oscar-pistorius-trial-forensics-center-stage-22895148","section":"GMA","mediaType":"yahoo only"}