Parenting in the age of social media contributor Ericka Souter talks about parenting at a time when many children spend time on social media.
2:00 | 01/28/18

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Video Transcript
Transcript for Parenting in the age of social media
After the downloaded today were talking about parenting in this age of social media even young children want to post pictures of themselves these days. And here with some advice on the topic is parenting expert Erica Souter from the left side mom got me thanks for joining us appreciate it. There's no getting around the fact that we we we are grow raising children in the age of social media. It's a part of our everyday life and younger in younger children. Are you using and parents are finding a hard time. Kind of kids know they can't you social media because everyone in the family is doing it to even see that they are some applications like FaceBook has messenger for kids. Which targets kids bettors aren't at six years old so what's this way to help kids navigate this environment and well if you are going to allow your kids to use it there are certain guidelines that you need to set up. Number one have rules they're certain kinds of data they can use it they're only certain people that they can contact your social media. And their native also are asked to be after the homer for stunner only on the weekends are only when another parent is in the rap. So one of the things you up and say it's frustrating for parents to hear is that if you want your children have good habits in. Any area you have to be a good role model and this is another case of that this is a prime example of fat if you're constantly on. Your social Meola time and not pay much attention to anything else they're going to model that if you're trolling or being stark you're being mean councils and get their going to do the same thing. You have to be the person you want your kids to be. Even until some just have sending you mean tweet. So what we just have a few seconds here but is this and they may be a kid Trout and apparently do together. Absolutely expects a great idea you know in our family we create a shared album with the grandparents and we add we upload pictures which are sign. You can also you know student group techs together with a grandparent sharing information about Little League games are a great test score so it could become a daily event. And that goes a long way and teach their kids how to have a good relationship. And good behavior until some social media can be great sources tell you use as to how do you say Erika Souter and mom let me take you very much really appreciate.

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{"duration":"2:00","description":" contributor Ericka Souter talks about parenting at a time when many children spend time on social media.","mediaType":"default","section":"ABCNews/GMA","id":"52662496","title":"Parenting in the age of social media","url":"/GMA/video/parenting-age-social-media-52662496"}