Parenting Dilemma: Would You Allow Your 6-Year-Old to Shave Her Head?

Paige Lucas-Stannard, author of "Gender Neutral Parenting," reveals how she handled this tough choice.
2:48 | 05/13/15

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Video Transcript
Transcript for Parenting Dilemma: Would You Allow Your 6-Year-Old to Shave Her Head?
A provocative parenting dilemma. First grade daughter wants to shave her head. Do you let her? I know what my answer would be. It's a tough decision for one mom. Paula Faris here with the story. Hey, Paula. Provocative parenting, indeed. We'll get your answer. She's only in kindergarten after seeing her dad shave his head, well, she asked to shave her, as well. Mom initially said yes but, you know, she was hoping her daughter would forget. She didn't forget. She kept asking and, well, take a look. Daddy is shaving my hair today. Reporter: It's the haircut making headlines. This Ohio 6-year-old begging her parents to allow her to shave her head. Her mother had a huge decision, to shave or not to shave. She wanted to be like daddy. During the haircut when I asked her she said it was so no one would have to brush her hair anymore. Reporter: The mom writing about it in her blog. This wasn't a hard decision or even a big deal to her. I really, really, really wanted to talk her out of it. I wanted to fawn over how beautiful her hair is. But she says the decision was clear cut. She didn't forget about it. Still wanted it. Really excited. Reporter: Then it was finally time for the big buzz. Her father chopping her hair from a bob to a long show hawk and then the perfect buzz cut. When it was finally over she was smiling. Reporter: While her decision got some backlash online. A lot were hesitant to give a child that young the freedom to shave off hair head. Reporter: Most support her decision as long as the child understands the risks. Before you give in to something like this you have to make sure the child is ready are to it. Ready for looking different. Reporter: This mother of three says as long as her daughter's happy with her new 'do, so sh she. I think she's just the bravest little girl. She just is like me and with a big smile. And mom says that she told her little girl to base for a little whit of backlash. People maybe even call her a boy but she responded that's okay, mom. I'll just tell them I'm a girl. Now, we did ask our viewers. Would you allow your 6-year-old to shave her head if she asked for permission robin you said survey says, 17% said yes and 8 % of you said no way. Ever. I don't know how I'd feel. I think if you think the child is truly ready for the ramifications that they can handle it. 6 years old? But she did very -- old soul. This mom knows her daughter. You have to know your kid. Every kid is different. Everyone is. Absolutely. Thanks, Paula. Think about all those fights you'd alleviate. You don't have to comb through the hair every night. That's a whole other story. Let's go to rob. Hey, George, hey, Eddie in

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{"duration":"2:48","description":"Paige Lucas-Stannard, author of \"Gender Neutral Parenting,\" reveals how she handled this tough choice. ","mediaType":"default","section":"ABCNews/GMA","id":"31000091","title":"Parenting Dilemma: Would You Allow Your 6-Year-Old to Shave Her Head? ","url":"/GMA/video/parenting-dilemma-year-shave-head-31000091"}