Parents of Kevin Ward Jr.: Tony Stewart 'Knew What He Was Doing'

Kevin and Paula Ward speak out for the first time since their son was killed in a racing accident.
3:31 | 08/14/15

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Transcript for Parents of Kevin Ward Jr.: Tony Stewart 'Knew What He Was Doing'
exus cl exclusive for you right now. Parents of Kevin ward, Jr., speaking about his death. He was killed by NASCAR driver Tony Stewart. Good morning, Paula. The family breaking their silence for the first time since their son's death. Recalling his big heart and the big dreams that he he had. Kevin ward Jr. Will never race again and his family believe that Tony Stewart should face the same punishment. To Pam and Kevin ward, Tony Stewart is the man who killed their only son. What do you ultimately want if. We want justice for their son. Reporter: Just one year ago, ward went to a track in upstate New York to race and never made it out alive. He had a huge heart. Reporter: Ward's dad gets emotional when he recalls his son was 10, he could help a competitor. He said, dad, can I have the new tires? I said, why do you want the new tires? And he told me that the young lad that got second could have beat me if he had new tires. That was pretty hard. Reporter: On August 9th 2014, ward was racing when his car was hit by Stewart's sending ward's into the wall. Ward got out of his car apparently to confront Stewart and then Stewart fatally hits him. I also acknowledged the fact that if Tony would have stayed low on the track and not have gunned his engine and headed for my son my son would still be here. Reporter: One of the fact emerged toxicology that ward had trace amounts of marijuana in his system. I don't believe my son was impaired. We want him accountable. The civil suit is the only action we have left. Reporter: You feel like Tony Stewart could your son and got away with it. Yes, most definitely. Tony races every weekend. I know my son will never get to race again. Reporter: According to the lawsuit, the family alleges that Tony acted recklessly. Purposely gunning the engine. You can hear the acceleration in the tape and it's Tony's car accelerating. Oh, he hit him! Hit my son and killed him. It was Tony's car that revved that motor. You think he was trying to intimidate him? I don't think he tried to kill my son but his actions. What do you want Tony to know? He took a big part of my family. Tony Stewart has always maintained that he did not rev his engine. But this civil suit, ward's legal team strongly believes that there's new ed that will tell a different story. All right, Paula, thank you. We'll turn now to the latest on that American dentist who

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{"duration":"3:31","description":"Kevin and Paula Ward speak out for the first time since their son was killed in a racing accident.","mediaType":"default","section":"ABCNews/GMA","id":"33080646","title":"Parents of Kevin Ward Jr.: Tony Stewart 'Knew What He Was Doing'","url":"/GMA/video/parents-kevin-ward-jr-tony-stewart-knew-33080646"}