How Parents Can Protect Kids From Ticks

Insect repellents are tested to see which really work to deter insects.
2:52 | 07/31/15

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Transcript for How Parents Can Protect Kids From Ticks
insect repel apartments can keep you safe but many families want to stay away from products with deet. There are alternative and we put some to the test. Hi, Becky. You may be headed into the great outdoors but it is peak tick season and these are more than just an annoyance with the threat of Lyme disease they pose a significant health concern. Ticks, nasty, tine think and in some places 25% of them carry Lyme disease so keeping them off you and your kids is serious. Traditionally deet has been the go to repellant but experts advised against using it on children in concentrations higher than 30% and many adults would prefer an alternative too so good news. Deet is a common ingredient in tick repellants but in our tests we found there are two chemicals that work better and are safer than deet. Reporter: In fact, consumer reports top three products for repelling ticks consisted of only one with deet. The other two used lemon eucalyptus oil and synthetic compound. We wanted to try for ourselves. We collected it this morning. Reporter: A Fordham university lab Dr. Tom dams preps 25 ticks. See how many are attracted to me without any repellant. I have no insect repellant on my arm. This is our control test. Two on me now. Four beelining for me. Five minutes, five ticks. This is all without insect repellant. Ew! So now we try the deet spray. Five minute, to ticks stayed on me. Next a repellant with no deet. Ox, I have the lemon eucalyptus oil on. It's really shiny but it smells good. Two ticks jumped on but both quickly jumped off. Five minutes with a deet-free repellant, no ticks. Next -- I used both my hands to test the other repellant so I'm using my foot to try the third one. They have not come anywhere near my foot. It's made to recentral pepper plants is a go-to deet a alternate alternative. Now, I was just back east with my kids and used these sprays to great success. No ticks at all but this is important. You do have to do a nightly tick check and if you find one attached, twist it off and then watch for that tell-tale sign of Lyme disease, that red bull's-eye rash, fever, chill, feel like you have the flu. If you have any of those Simms go see a doctor. A round of antibiotics can make a big difference in staving off many so of those debilitating effects of Lyme disease, Lara. I think those are great tips. I worry about the deet. Becky went all out. All in often that one. Not sure I would do that. Bad version of the hokey-pokey. Thank you, Becky. Also on the "Heat index"

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{"duration":"2:52","description":"Insect repellents are tested to see which really work to deter insects.","mediaType":"default","section":"ABCNews/GMA","id":"32802390","title":"How Parents Can Protect Kids From Ticks","url":"/GMA/video/parents-protect-kids-ticks-32802390"}