Patrick Stewart dishes on 'Logan'

The actor discusses his role in the upcoming film live from Times Square.
5:36 | 03/02/17

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Transcript for Patrick Stewart dishes on 'Logan'
You get ready for night. There are. We'll be thankful. Sir Patrick Stewart. Decided that it could well let's cut interviewed you can say once and then you don't have sitting. Sir are. It felt very good at the time and it continues to feel good it was for services to the serious. And so I felt I was getting muted on the golf hole of mine thousand friends colleagues want 150 years now and actually. Yeah. Or. Great example of you taking on that the last visited blue country music video at keiser affixed to. I'm I've I've rubber suit. There will be more. A hole. That's not quite true. Which you can do is Logan. You and pay let water run you guys at. Did. Children who I was joking about this yesterday will we didn't know when we learned that from Islam in fact when we started choosing the first film. There was no Hugh Jackman. He was construct two we were already under way and we didn't know that that would be a future of football thought that more wonderful model comic book. And here we are seventeen years later OK yeah. His wife actress told them not to take. He checked her place but there and people came to the same realization what watching. This film that this was it what Hugo was on rec call from quiet from what awhile that he can eat this will be his loss one. For immediate happen very much later in fact it happened about a week ago at rebel and film festival I was sitting alongside you. Undated the move we was playing so beautifully. And we got to the last couple of minutes which is very intense very emotional. And I suddenly felt Hugh had taken my hands. And he was squeezing it and then I saw him. Just do this. If you gentlemen couldn't quite aware Tia icon wipe away. But I realize. You know there is no better way to say goodbye to that is. Then at this moment now with a film like this because it is so beautiful it is perfect let's take a look at it until you get your meaning some new friends here aren't aware of your back. Just being in two men programs school. Bloody years Charles who we're Aris there was a there hasn't kind of special needs school. Some it's good description. He was. So I don't know I think that a few times. I usually say you have good pupil that the words would choke me. We miss working with him or have you thought about a new project for the studio. We have talked about Roger jazz which might even be here in New York. There African mutated in neighborhoods and talk. Yeah in the throughout tough but I won't miss him because over this MG news. We have been themselves dear friends I love him so much and so while we're seeing him a lost. The ankle high right between ask. Any specifics about about what the project might be correct not a cut. When I can tell you you'll be the first here. Great. Great role you have great yeah. Or. Have you from Star Trek it and I would be almost quit after drama school. Yes it are you get I'd. Everyone in my US seem to get the job an agent a manager I had nothing I went home my signed on of the labor extra and unemployed. And for four weeks I have nothing and I felt like it was over. It's after four weeks off to hold. I I I would just saved the my preferences I have been living under go back to the job and I've been very good that's selling furniture real. In fact not too long ago I went back to the shelf Honolulu my manager was not gone somebody that's that you don't. If things don't work out. Okay good. Theaters tomorrow.

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{"duration":"5:36","description":"The actor discusses his role in the upcoming film live from Times Square. ","mediaType":"default","section":"ABCNews/GMA","id":"45845392","title":"Patrick Stewart dishes on 'Logan'","url":"/GMA/video/patrick-stewart-dishes-logan-live-gma-45845392"}