Paula Faris Joins 'GMA Weekend'

How Dan Harris, Ron Claiborne and Sara Haines welcomed her to the team.
3:29 | 08/09/14

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Video Transcript
Transcript for Paula Faris Joins 'GMA Weekend'
day if you're at "Gma." We're at the dawning of the Paula Faris era. You're making me blush. Her first official day. It's impossible to make her blush. You'll learn that. Her first official day -- she's no stranger and filled in many times but happy to have you. I'm really, really thrilled to be here. I said it earlier but you guys are hands down the best team on TV and I'm so thrilled to be here. Thank you. And as everybody knows we're really happy to have as we've said and got a chance recently in preparation for this day to learn a lot about Paula from her early days in the midwest in new York and recently played chauffeur to me and her children in her minivan. Take a look at the story of Paula. ? you may know Paula Faris as the woman bringing real money to American families on ABC's "World news." Save more than $2600. $137, $1,000 over the next year. Hi, guys. Reporter: Or having a blast in Rio covering the world cup for us. Go, usa. Reporter: But before any of that, the youngest of four from Jackson, Michigan, grew up a true midwestern girl. Her life built on faith and family and a childhood filled with playing softball and a brief stint as a cheerleader. In college at cedarville university in Ohio, Paula first fell in love with broadcasting behind the cameras. At her first TV gig in Dayton, Ohio, she made the jump to sports anchor which led to ten years of bringing viewers in Ohio and then Chicago the latest athletic trends. Call ed a dorphin. Reporter: Even showing off a pretty mean slap shot. But it is here in a home just outside of New York City where I got to meet the real Paula Faris. Hthis is the extent of my green thumb. Good morning, America. Reporter: Energetic. Come on, let's go. Reporter: And adorable children. Hi. Hi. Board games, backyard soccer and bottle washing are all pretty new to me. You just splashed me. Reporter: As we take a quick trip in the minivan. You guys. Reporter: I learned talent runs in the family. ? Big news show the shower ? Reporter: Then along with the great interviews, money-saving tips and incredible stories we are extremely pleased to welcome Paula Faris to our "Gma" family. Oh, my word. Your kids are so cute. One word of advice, though, don't ever let them near your ears. Ever! They'll pull them right off. How are they feeling. Does that run in the family. I was shocked -- I did not Dan is so good with kids. I found out he used to be a camp counselor himself. He used to be a child himself. Not long ago. He and Sara have something in common. You've both been in my memo. I watched "Fining memo." I downloaded that song afterwards. You're deflecting again. We want to talk about you. A couple of things I want to tell you about Paula Faris. A wicked sense of humor. An incredible work ethic. She shows up every morning on the set with a full notebook full of notes on the morning stories. You can't read any of it. I believe it's Egyptian hire give fibs. I have to write everything down because I'm add and sleep deprived.

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{"duration":"3:29","description":"How Dan Harris, Ron Claiborne and Sara Haines welcomed her to the team.","mediaType":"default","section":"ABCNews/GMA","id":"24912869","title":"Paula Faris Joins 'GMA Weekend'","url":"/GMA/video/paula-faris-joins-gma-weekend-24912869"}