Phillip Phillips Leaves Ginger a Special Message

The singer/songwriter surprised Ginger Zee with a message of love.
2:13 | 05/22/14

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Video Transcript
Transcript for Phillip Phillips Leaves Ginger a Special Message
Why do away with much lighter events taking place here you missed one of your favorite performers Phillip Phillips. -- let them. I was so happy to be there but -- -- that the dates at platinum sat on Monday and then Samantha my producer said. She did not tell me -- -- -- it. That hurt you your items and all the put all of the people tend to -- and Phillip Phillips is now one the one that I want to -- -- it turns out years. He didn't fully miss him. He had a little surprised it's not -- however you know leave -- message behind every bit thicker -- the other thing. Happy yeah same today interns at dinner to thank you I don't really they'll -- -- -- but I'll love you thank you mean if I. I'd probably like this album Leggett said if you don't just give it to your kids I don't have whoever it is. Yeah. Thank you I don't think they'll -- though you but -- love you thank you. And I did and album yeah docking right -- it's like we're having -- yeah that's -- yeah not what you thought yeah keeps knocking -- -- but she -- I'll make it makes -- If you've done -- -- out of all of baggage at the end of the -- I love you. Let me tell you think when you again let's -- -- again I think that's the part that -- about the. To say yeah I love you don't think you have love -- Have made mistakes in. I thought yeah. Let that man. You think yeah. And created itself up on the camera -- -- -- at that hour but here they have very end of it and of course this is the next best thing. Special -- knows from day one he has been listening to -- a test a little left of the desire. -- -- The good thing have a that you're I don't know that -- yeah. I didn't know ago. But thank you Ross think you I love you run single and holder thank you really important work that I really had light -- -- having the right that message but it -- wants to go back. Tim Moore and do a concert there they went out with me no pressure thank you Tyler come back here to see you -- -- -- welcome. Back -- my goodness that was great what.

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{"duration":"2:13","description":"The singer/songwriter surprised Ginger Zee with a message of love.","mediaType":"default","section":"ABCNews/GMA","id":"23824975","title":"Phillip Phillips Leaves Ginger a Special Message","url":"/GMA/video/phillip-phillips-leaves-ginger-special-message-23824975"}