Pilot Error Cited in Ohio Plane Crash That Killed 9

The "GMA" team of insiders analyzes some of the biggest stories trending this morning.
6:31 | 10/19/16

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Transcript for Pilot Error Cited in Ohio Plane Crash That Killed 9
Cc1 Test message Again, that commercial break. Big board. Our team of insiders standing by for more on this morning's top stories. Dr. Richard Besser is here at the table. We'll have more on what we were just discussing. That's right. In the break, yes, very important. First we start with that scathing report on a deadly plane crash. You may remember this last November. That charter flight caught on tape plunging into an apartment building in Akron, Ohio, killing all nine on board. Now the NTSB is blaming among other factors pilot error. ABC's David Kerley is joining us right now and, David, there's something that investigators said that really caught everybody's eyes. He said that the charter company was, quote, infested with sloppiness. What went wrong here, David? Reporter: Not just the company but the cockpit as well, that came from an NTSB board member. They actually were shocked by what happened with this aircraft. I was on the scene. What happened was the co-pilot was flying which kind of violated informal company policy. Usually the captain would fly as they come into an airport. He set up the plane wrong. It was going too slow and it stalled and it crashed into an apartment complex and actually the NTSB said some of the people on board, there were nine on board total, seven from a real estate company might have survived except for the fire was so intense. Taken to task the pilots who had both been fired by their previous jobs and the company didn't even know it. They didn't ask their previous employers whether or not what their work history was. We asked them for a comment, they did not respond but I got to tell you, robin. You used the word scathing and this is it scathing. You know what, David, the charter company is not the only one getting blame. The FAA is also taking some blame, as well. Reporter: Michael, they went strong after the FAA. There are nine recommendations here directed to the federal aviation administration. NTSB makes recommendations then it's up to the FAA to decide whether to implement them. Basically the NTSB is saying, listen, guys, you don't have enough oversight of these small corporate jet companies where you might hire a private jet to get someplace. They are calling on the FAA for more oversight of these smaller companies and their pilots. Apparently much needed. Thank you. Let's turn to a new apropose on how to treat concussions in young people, "The Wall Street journal" reports that more specialists are encouraging their patients to ease into Normal activities after a diagnosis instead of resting for an extended period of time and Dr. Besser, you're here to talk about this. This is totally different. I've been around a lot of concussion, not personally but a lot of people with them. No TV, no reading, relax, no bright lights, sit in a dark room. This is completely different. Yeah, it's surprising and points to me the importance of doing research to test what we think is going on. You know, concussions are very common. As many as 2 million get them a year and you want complete brain rest. Let it heal so you would have people be in a dark, quiet room for a period of days. These researchers in Wisconsin took a big group of kids with concussions, half of them were told five days complete brain rest in a quiet room and others could slowly increase activities as symptoms got better. There was no difference in terms of headache or dizziness but the kids who were told be to be in a quiet room went a little nuts. It took longer for them to feel good. And so what they're saying is, you know, still you've got to rest but let people increase gradually. Because you're not saying jump back immediately into action. No. Especially when it comes to things like sports because, you know, strenuous activity that could lead to a second concussion dangerous. There are guidelines on how to increase your physical activity and watch for symptoms but the challenge is that it relies on people saying what their symptoms are and you two know as athletes, athletes want to get in the became game and they're not going to be honest. I remember this. I was playing college ball. I took the charge, hit my head, boy, I was out in the first half. Second half, I wanted to play, the coach said can you look at the scoreboard. I couldn't see anything but I knew that 20 minutes was going to be on the board so I said 20 minutes. There's no reason I should have gone back. Balance beams, computer games so you can't game the system. Yeah, you don't want to let your team down. No, but still. Dangerous. I know. Hey, thanks, rich. Now to that big buzz about the possibility of a trump branded TV network. The Republican nominee's son reportedly meeting with the media dealmaker about launching the venture. The atlantic magazine's Derek Thompson who has written about trump TV is here. So tell us, Derek, this is supposedly plan B for Donald if it doesn't go well next month. How feasible is this? There are three things that you absolutely need for a cable news network. Funnel one you nude talent. Number two, hundreds of millions of dollars in investment and number three, you need a steady slew of advertisers to keep that television network funded for many years. Number one, Donald Trump has TV talent all around him. He's running really a media organization as a political campaign. But the problem is he doesn't have the access to hundreds of millions of dollars of capital right now unless he's willing to spend a lot of his personal wealth for many, many years on this project and number three, his brand is so tarnished by this campaign, that a lot of people think advertisers don't want to be associated with this. So I think it is more likely that rather than a Fox News competitor you have something more like a Netflix fortrump. An over-the-top internet only television product. Well, you know what, the former Fox News boss Roger Ailes is a close confident. Is something they can team up. Roger Ailes has signed a noncompete when he was let go from Fox News so not entirely clear when he could get back into the reason Florida but there are other members of the Fox News universe like Sean hannity and Bill O'Reilly who have out clauses in their own contracts so they could maybe leave if trump got something started but it's not clear they will until trump gets that investment. Wow. We shall see. Thank you. I heard you're doing something interesting for the debate. How are you preping? I'm glad it's the last one. Popcorn, definitely but if there was another debate after this I don't think I could take it. You couldn't take it. Just some popcorn. Derek, thank you, Dr. Besser, thank you and David, thank you, as well. Coming up in two minutes a new

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{"id":42901007,"title":"Pilot Error Cited in Ohio Plane Crash That Killed 9","duration":"6:31","description":"The \"GMA\" team of insiders analyzes some of the biggest stories trending this morning.","url":"/GMA/video/pilot-error-cited-ohio-plane-crash-killed-42901007","section":"GMA","mediaType":"default"}