Plane Accident Kills Bystander

A crash landing at Caspersen Beach left a father dead and his daughter seriously injured.
1:48 | 07/28/14

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Transcript for Plane Accident Kills Bystander
Thank you very much. And the tragic accident on a Florida beach, a small plane with an emergency landing hit and killed a man, critically injuring his daughter. Reporter: It was part of a family celebration marking a special milestone, but went wrong after a pilot radioed in, couldn't make it back to the airport. Look at these strrlgts startling images. Striking and killing a father and injuring his young daughter. They might not have noticed the plane until it was too late. It was quiet. Reporter: Around 2:45 Sunday afternoon, the Venice airport received a call from a small plane in distress. The 57-year-old pilot reported that his plane would not make it to the airport, and he would be forced to land here on Casperson beach in Venice, Florida. The pilot was unharmed, but there were a family injured by the crash. Reporter: 36-year-old ami was killed, and his 9-year-old daughter was also hit. She's believed to be in critical condition this morning. The dad was in bad condition, cpr, and blood on his face. Reporter: In a heartbreaking Facebook post, they were visiting Florida to celebrate his ninth wedding anniversary with his wife. ABC news learned that a female family member, believed to be his wife, was on the beach, and so traumatized bit disaster she suffered cardiac arrest and required treatment. It's not clear what caused the crash, but the ntsb and FAA will be finding out. Thanks. New concerns about the ebola virus.

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{"duration":"1:48","description":"A crash landing at Caspersen Beach left a father dead and his daughter seriously injured.","mediaType":"default","section":"ABCNews/GMA","id":"24737662","title":"Plane Accident Kills Bystander","url":"/GMA/video/plane-accident-kills-bystander-24737662"}