Pope Benedict XVI Resignation: A Year in the Making?

Vatican media adviser Greg Burke discusses the pope's decision to leave his post.
2:55 | 02/12/13

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Transcript for Pope Benedict XVI Resignation: A Year in the Making?
Almost everyone in the dark. in rome this morning. Thanks for joining us, greg. Let's begin with more on the pope's health. We learned about the opetion on his pacemaker a few months back. The resignation has been in the works for some time. What else can you tell us about the pope right now? The pope's health right now is what you see. L see him again tomorrow. An 85-year-old who is almost 86, who is starting to slow. Essentially, he does have that heart condition. And that wasn't the reason, obviously, for the resignation, however. People have pacemaker batteries replaced all the time. That does happen. But essentially, it's of age. His mind is obviously clear. We saw him talk a couple nights ago off the cuff. He was very, very clear. But it's more in mobility and slowing down a bit. But nothing immediate. There's been rumors of bone cancer, as well. That's certainly not true. Nothing immediate. Just age catching up with him. The pope will be living in the vatican. He'll no longer be pope. He's going to go back to being a cardinal. Take his old name, joseph ratzinger. Will he be able to counsel the next pope? Well, if the next pope would like it, I'm sure he could. However, if -- some people have suggested, wait a minute. You're going to have two popes at work. That's not true. The pope is retiring because he wants to retire. If he wanted to have influence on the church still, he would stay as pope. I would expect very much -- the fact he's going to a monastery -- will be living in a monastery is significant. He wants a quiet life of study and of prayer. If the new pope wants to ask his counsel, he's clearly going to give it. But he's not going to go -- he's not going to be there looking to try to influence the next pope. And the new -- the cardinals will be meeting right after the pope resigns on february 28th at 8:00 p.M. Will the deliberations about the next pope begin immediately? They could begin. We'll find out that in the next few days. They could technically begin as early as the day after, as early AS MARCH 1st. But you have to remember, it's never the conclave, which begins initially. First, they have general congregations, where all of the cardinals gather to talk about the main issues in the church, even those over the age of 80. Even those that won't be going into the conclave. First, there's several days of general meetings, of all the cardinals. They could start as early as MARCH 1st. But that hasn't been decided yet. Oddsmakers hard at work. Do we know if pope benedict has a favorite? It would be hard to tell that pope benedict has a favorite. You can look at the men he chose. And obviously, I think each one of those, the college of cardnal is made up of cardinals from john paul and pope benedict. You see who he chose. I don't think he has a favorite. And he's certainly not going to show that he has a favorite in these days. Okay. Greg burke, thanks very much for

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{"id":18474424,"title":"Pope Benedict XVI Resignation: A Year in the Making?","duration":"2:55","description":"Vatican media adviser Greg Burke discusses the pope's decision to leave his post.","url":"/GMA/video/pope-benedict-xvi-resignation-year-making-18474424","section":"GMA","mediaType":"default"}