Women at Risk of 'Poshitis' From Toting Large Handbags

Victoria Beckham's big signature bags cited for trend that results in shoulder problems.
2:38 | 06/07/13

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Transcript for Women at Risk of 'Poshitis' From Toting Large Handbags
"heat index" that handback hazard resulting from what's been nicknamed poshitis. Omg. For victoria beckham formerly known as posh spice. Bianna golodryga has that story for us. ♪ Reporter: It's a look hollywood celebrities like reese witherspoon and nicole richie have long embraced. A heavy handbag hanging from a bent elbow but the fashionista most known for this style is none other than the queen of couture, victoria beckham photographed time and time again carrying oversized purses. It might be an expensive look but your body could actually be paying the heavy price for lugging around that heavy piece of arm candy. It's an accessory ailment doctors have even dubbed poshitis. Your elbow is not a hook. Your elbow is a joint. Sore necks, upper backs, shoulders that have been pulled out of place. Tendinitis of the elbows all a direct result of carrying them. Reporter: This accessory isn't the first to cause bodily harm. Tight jeans can cause nerve compression and body shapes can lead to digesty diggs orders. Tight neckties can reduce circulation to the brain. "Redbook" magazine says there might be relief in sight for your aching arm. This is going away. On the down size. This is on the upswing. Why is that? It looks chic. You don't have a grimace on your face because you're not uncomfortable and they're just cute but what fits in the small bag? You'd be surprised. Something like this. You can get your ipad, key, phone, so, you know, and it looks great and it does feel good. Reporter: But if you're not quite ready to ditch the big bag for a lighter load, just remember this -- try to switch it from arm to arm and give your arm a break and alternate it around you're much less likely to get a repetitive stress injury. Probably doing a double take. It's victoria. This is a much more efficient bag. First of all, look what it does to your arm, everything from baby toys to my wallet to an umbrella to diapers, so the solution, if you're not ready to downsize is to get a backpack and put a clutch inside it. That way it evens out the weight. Distributes it. Smart. And that's fashionable too. Even if you put it on your shoulder then you have shoulder problems, not just your arm. It kind of evens out. Then you're kind of like this. Thank you, bianna. I mean, posh. Who is it? You're welcome. Have a good weekend. I'll take your word for it, bianna.

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{"duration":"2:38","description":"Victoria Beckham's big signature bags cited for trend that results in shoulder problems.","mediaType":"default","section":"ABCNews/GMA","id":"19346751","title":"Women at Risk of 'Poshitis' From Toting Large Handbags","url":"/GMA/video/poshitis-women-risk-poshitis-toting-large-handbags-19346751"}