President Obama Addresses George Zimmerman Verdict

George Stephanopoulos reports the latest on the political implications of the trial's outcome.
1:45 | 07/14/13

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Transcript for President Obama Addresses George Zimmerman Verdict
This verdict has political implications of course as you may remember the president himself -- in quite strongly. Early on. But my main messages news to the parents. -- on Martin. They don't try to Sonny looked like triple. And that is president speaking shortly after the shooting -- trade on Martin let's bring in George Stephanopoulos now he's the host of ABC's this week Georgia. What if anything you hear from Washington this morning no comment yet from the White House itself. -- at all pretty muted reaction so far from Washington no comment. From the president of the White House and relatively little comment for members of congress so far and as well no official statement from the Justice Department but I was able to speak. But the Justice Department official who did emphasize is -- is reporting that an investigation is open has been opened in this case that you have to know that the bar. For a civil rights prosecution here is very very high would be into that Shepard act named after Matthew Shepard doesn't hate crimes act. And have a successful prosecution -- you'd have to show. This is violence was motivated. By race and it would have to be -- also showed none negligence not an accident direct intentional violence motivated by race that is a very high bar given the fact. The George Zimmerman has now been acquitted not only of second degree murder but also manslaughter. To just reignite the debate over the highly controversial stand your ground -- -- We've seen the head of the NAACP Benjamin Jealous come -- over -- said he didn't continue to fight for repeal. Of those laws in the states in this morning and members of the senate judiciary committee on my program as well we'll talk about that and all the fallout from the -- from this verdict. In many ways the case is not fully over -- George thank you we appreciated Jordan will be dedicating much of his broadcast the -- this morning This Week with George Stephanopoulos coming up soon right here. On ABC George thanks again.

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{"id":19660904,"title":"President Obama Addresses George Zimmerman Verdict","duration":"1:45","description":"George Stephanopoulos reports the latest on the political implications of the trial's outcome.","url":"/GMA/video/president-obama-addresses-george-zimmerman-verdict-19660904","section":"GMA","mediaType":"default"}